Human relations and contact are indispensable parts of the beauty industry – a reality that makes luxury salon in Jaipur and spas more prone to the impacts of coronavirus. Being a salon owner, it has brought a feeling of a loss of control in this pandemic situation. However, this has not prevented us from moving forward proactively.


At Style N Scissors, we have adopted the post-COVID-19 strategies to embrace the changes and meet the new customer expectations.


Maintaining safety in COVID-19 situation


  • We follow strict social distancing guidelines as much as possible to take care of our customers. Therefore, we situate our customers in every other chair in the salon.


  • We have implemented a high-frequency schedule to disinfect all the surfaces, equipment, and accessories. Each of the best parlour in Jaipur has implemented such measures to prevent the spread of infection.


  • We have also installed a hand sanitizer dispenser at the entrance of our salon. There is a wastebasket to dispose of the used gloves and kits.


  • Mobile payment options have been implemented to reduce the handling of cash in an environment marked by hyper-awareness of cleanliness.


  • Use of masks and gloves in case of close contact situations such as facials, facial waxing or eyebrow shaping, and manicures or pedicures.


Customer safety is our topmost priority, especially in such a delicate situation. Therefore, Style N Scissor, the luxury salon in Jaipur, has maintained high standards of sanitation policies.


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