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Dying your locks exposes it to chemicals, which cause dryness, damage, and breakage. You can maintain your colour-treated hair looking lively and vibrant with appropriate maintenance and a little creativity. If you take care of your hair, your colour treatments will last longer. Your hair may be made to appear more colourful, healthy, and shining. Caring for dyed hair might be time-consuming, but it will be worthwhile when you have healthy hair and long-lasting vibrant shades.

Regardless of how healthy your hair is or how carefully you care for it, a colour job can do some harm. Excessive colouring dulls and dries the hair, causing it to lose its natural luster. By putting forth a little additional work, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. We, Style and Scissors, are a beauty salon in Jaipur, and we might prove to be a good spot to get your hair dyed. Here are some strategies for keeping as much moisture in your locks as possible while keeping them in the finest possible condition.

Wait for 3 days

If you wash your hair within 72 hours of dyeing it, the colour will wash off quickly. The chemical procedure used in hair dyeing leaves the cuticles of the hair exposed and vulnerable to harm. The cuticle layer takes up to three days to close completely, so the longer you wait to clean your hair following a salon visit, the more time the colour dye has to sink into the hair.

Shampoo less often

The more you wash, the faster the colour fades. Washing your hair only two or three times a week is the greatest method to keep the natural oils that promote conditionally colour-treated hair. This will help your colour remain longer and keep your colored hair healthy. Washing your hair frequently depletes its natural oils, making it dry, dull, and lifeless.

Wash your hair less frequently to avoid this. To remove oil, grime, and product buildup from your hair, use a colour-safe dry shampoo. To maintain your colour appearance healthily, combine your shampoo and conditioner. This will remove the filth and muck without removing the colour from your hair due to repeated shampooing.  

Pick the right shampoo

The shampoo you use has a significant impact on the brilliance of your hair colour. Whenever you wash your hair, use a shampoo designed specifically for colour-treated hair. L’Oréal Paris Elvive Colour Preserve Shampoo genuinely works to protect your colour, keeping it looking lovely and brilliant whether it’s pastel, vivid, or metallic. Colour guard shampoo and sulphate-free shampoo are recommended for long-lasting colour and for preventing additional moisture loss. Sulphates include salt, which reduces moisture and causes colour fading. Shampoos containing harsh chemicals like sulphates and alcohol should be avoided. They will remove your hair’s colour and hydration. A moisturising shampoo is ideal for colored hair. It will both preserve and regulate your hair’s natural pH.

Avoid heat

Heat protection spray chemicals minimise heat damage, most likely by levelling out how the hair heats up. However, they cannot protect your hair from the majority of the damage, so you must still limit your hair’s exposure to heat styling. If possible, avoid using heat to give your hair a much-needed rest while keeping it as moisturised as possible. When blow-drying your hair, use a moderate temperature and prevent heat styling. If you intend to shampoo your hair, lower the temperature to avoid drying it out. Heat protection creates a barrier all around the hair shaft and closes down the cuticle, allowing your hair colour to be preserved.

Use hair masks

Masks are fantastic for any type of hair, but if you have used bleach or other lasting colours on your hair, weekly treatment is recommended. A keratin-based treatment can progressively strengthen and heal any damage caused by a permanent dye or bleach. For three weeks before your colour session, apply a treatment hair mask once a week. This will help heal any damage, introduce moisture into the hair shaft, and seal the cuticle. Allow it to sit for 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with shampoo. Before applying the mixture to your complete head, perform a strand test since some components may not be safe for colored hair.

Want to get your hair colored? But are scared of the damage it might cause?

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