Due to the lockdown, it has become impossible for us to come out of the house, but that should never stop us from taking care of our skin and hair. Many of you might have got hair treatment done before the lockdown extended, which needed post-treatment professional care.


Since you are sitting at home, you can easily take care of that treated hair. According to the experts of Style N Scissors, the best salon in Jaipur, you can easily make good care of your treated hair just by sitting at home. This might not bring you exact results which you would get by getting a professional hair treatment. But for the time being, it will help you since there are not many choices.


Here are a few tips provided by the experts of Style N Scissors, the best salon in Jaipur on how you can take care of your treated hair.


● If you have colored your hair, bleached it, or did a highlight and balayage, then your hair will be dehydrated. To make them smoother and stop them from breakage, you need to oil your hair regularly until it gains back the smoothness. Use thick oils like castor oil and mix some other oils into it like almond oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. And apply this blend all over your hair. Apply in larger quantities. Keep the oil for an entire day and wash it off the next day.


● If you have colored hair or if you have smoothened your hair or did some keratin treatment, then conditioning your hair is a must. Every time you shampoo, make sure you apply conditioner to provide your hair moisture and let it be silky and smooth. Keep the conditioner for 5-10 minutes in your hair and wash it off.


● You can opt for the double conditioning method as well. If your hair is very rough or if you have done a keratin treatment or smoothening or permanent straightening, then you need to retain the smoothness in your hair, and to make that happen, conditioning is important. In double conditioning, you have to apply a layer of conditioner on wet hair but avoid the scalp. After washing it off with shampoo again, you have to use a conditioner and wash it with cold water. This will make your hair immensely smooth and will save it from breaking as well.


● Use a hair serum after you have shampooed your hair. This is necessary for colored hair, especially.


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