Festivals usually bring hectic schedule with responsibilities of attending and hosting parties. But when your face will spruce up in festive lights and reflects a glamorous look after getting ready from the best bridal makeup in Jaipur, weariness will never remain longer. As each festival and occasion has a different purpose, blooming time, weather, outfit, and lighting, different glimmering looks on each occasion, enhance its charm. As you may not sit heavy dark makeup on your skin on Bhai Dooj, you may also not apply mere light and simple tone on your wedding day.


Thus, the time is to go through the list of different makeups for different occasions which the top salon in Jaipur consider-


1) HD (High Definition)

On Diwali or your wedding day, HD makeup skin suits the best than any else. As high-end camera technology captures all the intricacies and subtleties of the face, you also need to you have around in the top salon in Jaipur for the camera-ready look that retains for hours without any smudging, wrinkling, or blurring

2) Matte Makeup


Matte Makeup comes with bold colours and hues. It is perfect for all weather types and all types of occasions. So, you can visit Style N Scissors, the top salon in Jaipur, at all times.


3) Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup is well suited for the daytime occasion with the light base for even tone and flawless skin.


On Bhai Dooj and Choti Diwali, which are the family affairs, high shine lids with simple makeup having only kohl, mascara, and brushing on the apples of your cheeks is sufficient.


Whichever makeup variety you are opting, ensure that you are layering without making your skin appearing cakey. Have a think of visiting the top salon in Jaipur to settle down everything in the right volume.

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