Even if you stay indoors maintaining self-hygiene is really important. Even in these days of lockdown when you stay indoors, you need to invest time in grooming yourself. Grooming here includes waxing, cleaning your underarms, taking a thorough bath every day since it is summer, washing your hair and doing a facial at home.


The experts of Style N Scissors best salon in indiaΒ suggests you indulge into a lot of self-pampering sessions and keep yourself well-groomed even if you are staying indoors. Since you are staying indoors, you have all the time to spend some on yourself.


The experts of Style N Scissors, best parlour in Jaipur encourages you to follow these simple tips to get yourself groomed and get amazing results just how you get by taking professional beauty services.

● Do a facial at home using whatever products you have at home. Your skin will need a detox and deep cleaning even if you stay indoors. In order to give your skin that you can easily do a facial at home using some basic products like a cleanser, exfoliant, face mask, face toner and some moisturizer or serum.


● Apply some hair mask once a week to keep your hair smooth and strong. You can apply steam to your scalp in order to make your mask or oil absorb properly into your scalp.


● Apply hair oil every week. And retain it for as long as you can. Since you are not going out, there will be no rush of washing off the oil.


● Do not forget to wax yourselves to keep your body squeaky clean. If you don’t have wax or waxing strips, you can always shave. Make sure you exfoliate your skin before you shave and then moisturize as well.


Stay connected to the website of Style N Scissors best salon in Jaipur to know more about self-pampering processes for your quarantine days.

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