Make-Up Artist

An artist is an artist. Whether you are a painter or a make-up artist, your prime objective is to create a masterpiece with your creativity. Like a painter, a make-up artist also uses different shades of color on the human body to enhance the beauty of the subject.

Unlike before, becoming a make-up artist is considered a respectable job. The entertainment industry relies heavily on these professionals for their day to day events. Almost every celebrity today has its artists. Even these professionals fall under the category of service providers whose prime responsibility is to provide the best service to their customers to stay active in the business. However, you don’t want to be just any make-up artist, but the best makeup artist in Jaipur. So, if you haven’t been making big out of your profession or facing troubles kick-starting your career, here are few tips that you can use that can make you stand out from the regular lot.

Tips To Be The Best In the Industry

These tips are not necessarily for people who are trying to enter the entertainment industry. These rules apply to everyone who wants to make a breakthrough in their career.

1.Always be Punctual – Punctuality is the key to succeed in this profession. Never make your customers wait for you. Rather try to reach 15 to 20 minutes early before the booking time. Punctuality is of good quality and tells a lot about how serious you are about your profession. Also, to build a long-term relationship, creating the right first impression is important. By reaching early, you can set-up your workstation and speak to your client about the look they want because one makeup rule does not apply to all customers. Every client is different.

2.Wear Proper Professional Attire – Even though your work is done in the background, wearing proper professional clothing is a must for any professional. Avoid wearing any stinky or dirty or profane clothes when meeting a client, especially if you are deeming to work in the entertainment industry. You don’t want to wear heels because you may have to stand for hours than can lead to stress and fatigue. Wear proper shoes and a change, if you have a long working schedule. Also, always wash your hands and sanitize properly before applying makeup because you would be dealing with face and skin here. Any dirt or foul smell can easily make your clients uncomfortable.

3.Understand Your Client Before Getting Into Conversation – Not every client is talkative. Some like to crack a conversation to break the silence, while some prefer to be quiet. So, if you have a client who likes to talk, try and converse as less as possible. You can be engaging, but cannot be opinionative. Avoid any politics or talking about other personal lives with other clients. Being the best makeup artist means creating a healthy working relationship without indulging in any arguments or unnecessary discussions.

4.Know Your Rights as a Makeup Artist – Though the client is a king, yet you cannot fulfil every demand of your customer. A lot of clients tend to treat them as their assistants and even ask them to bring water or food during the session. However, you are not their assistant but a professional they hired to a job. You must make your customers understand your position politely.

Also, don’t do other jobs like haircuts or putting eye lenses or requests other than makeup unless you are qualified to do so. Remember, your prime job is to provide the best results within the time and resources allotted to you. By following these tips, you can easily achieve your goal to be the best makeup artist in Jaipur.

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