Located in the Thar Desert’s of Rajasthan, Jaipur is a culturally rich city sprinkled with forts, palaces, and aging royalty. One can indulge in everything from sightseeing to a rejuvenating day by the pool in one of the many heritage hotels. There are plenty of things to do to make your vacation luxurious and enjoyable.

Visit Amer Palace

Jaipur is a city steeped in magnificent architecture and alleyways that can walk you through the history in an aesthetic form. Treat all your senses as you explore the medieval and contemporary coexist in absolute harmony. There is nothing more luxurious than sightseeing the royal splendor of Jaipur through the Amer Palace. Take an elephant or camel ride to feel the majestic glory as you watch the colorful turbans of the locals completing the opulent landscape.

Checkout City Palace Museum

Want to see how the royals lived in the early 18th century? Checkout this historic landmark that shows Mughal architecture and Rajput culture blended together in the most artistic form. Your luxury vacation to Jaipur is incomplete unless you see the wealthy lifestyle of the former kings. Today, a section of the City Palace is open for general public to showcase the the exquisite collection of costumes, carpets, paintings, and other such royal paraphernalia.

Take a Spa Break

After you are done taking in the city sights and scenes, you can book a day of pampering at the best spa in Jaipur. Let the trained professionals massage all your tiredness away and help your sore muscles relax! The soft, relaxing fragrance of essential oils will seep into your skin to calm your senses and make you feel like a royalty!

Visit Dera Amer for Private Sunset Viewing

Did you know there is a private elephant trek at Dera Amer that offers you an experience that will last you a lifetime? You can perch yourself atop an elephant and visit the rural fringes of Jaipur at Dera Amer to witness a jaw-dropping sunset. Break yourself away from the city’s hustle and bustle to watch this natural phenomenon away from the crowds. You can own the beautiful sunset with your loved ones and enjoy this beautiful moment in peace. What’s more? You can bathe and feed your elephant at the nearby lake before you trek through thick forests to view the sunset followed by a meal fit for the kings that is served to you at Dera Amer.

View Jaipur’s Magnificence from a Hot Air Balloon

Float over the Pink City and experience Jaipur’s royal magnificence in a unique way! Why get stuck in traffic snarls and elbow your way through the crowd when you can witness a lot more from your own private space in the clouds? Yes, this is hot air balloon for you that promises you a peaceful, yet spellbinding natural scenery of the town below that has evolved through decades to become an essence of luxury and deep-rooted culture.

There is nothing more unforgettable than making your vacation unique with different kinds of experiences. Be sure to try these on your next trip to come back rejuvenated from a luxury holiday.

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