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Weddings are all about the special moment where the bride and groom are the centres of attraction. It’s your day to shine during every event of the wedding. Wedding season is coming soon and yeah the brides are excited to gather all the information for their dreamy wedding. Whether it is hunting down dreamy wedding venues or finding the perfect and gorgeous outfit it is a kind of beautiful journey that lasts for a lifetime. The most important thing is a luminous bridal glow that steals every glance at every function. The right makeup artist and the right makeup would enhance that bridal glow in the Shaadi function. Let’s be honest, makeup is one of the essential parts for a bride on her D-day.  

Makeup Artist: Make Or Break Your Look

A makeup artist is indeed responsible for giving a complete look but how to choose a makeup artist is confusing. Style n Scissors is the best salon in Jaipur where you can find a makeup artist to enhance your glow on your special day. Here are some tips to find your perfect artist. 

Bridal makeup is different from regular and other types of makeup because it is used to define the personality and grace of the bride. A makeup artist should have experience in bridal makeup. They should know what works for your skin personality and face wonderfully. It is not necessary to hire a makeup artist with a massive following on Instagram, you just need to ensure that the work of the artist reflects your aesthetic. If you are considering a makeup artist referred by any friend then make sure that the other person’s makeup vibes match yours.

List of makeup trends for 2022 brides.

1. Perky pink

In 2022, the rise of pastel colours in bridal makeup will close the fresh air with its gorgeous aura. The smokey eye makeup perfectly matches highlights with a perky pink colour. This idea is perfect to doll up with dramatic lashes and volume mascara.

2. Minimal is more

We took inspiration from our favourite celebrities for makeup and fashion. They are mostly surrounded by makeup, but they are comfortable in their skin. From Alia Bhatt to Deepika Padukone, celebrities often go for minimal makeup on their special day. The minimal inceptor gives them the confidence to flaunt and stay away from the glam looks.

3. Daisy Dew

Who says you need to look like a bridezilla on your wedding day? Simple dewy makeup brings out your natural tone and highlights with liquid highlighter at your prominent part of the face like the cheekbone, forehead, chin, nose, and eyebrows. Go and flaunt your daisy dewy, naturally aesthetic pictures on your profile.

4. No melting matte

The Classic and timeless style of matte never goes out of style. It gives the clean and seamless finish to feature on stage at their once-in-a-lifetime thing. Best makeup artists in Jaipur avoid excessive gloss glossiness and give an elegant look with their muted shades of pink that steals everybody’s heart. The blending in met is flawless with full base coverage. The makeup makes sure that nothing goes out of your face with sweat. The look achieves perfect glass skin. Even after the party, you can get drunk but makeup stands still in its place.

5. Rustic Red

Weddings and red colour are interconnected with each other. The perfect hue of red health bride to achieve boldness and confidence that is revealed with smokey eyes, perfect eyebrows and a measured contoured face. To enhance the rustic red look a red lip colour will complement your pout. Get ready to pose in bold bridal pouts.

6. Talking eyes

They say the window to a soul is their eyes. Why should an elegant bride speak when her eyes say it all? This trendy makeup is filled with the most pigmented mascara eyeliner and about it to add an adoring look. Use a shadow palette with a bloom of stunning shades that seriously sparkle the bride’s eyes.

7. Sensual smokey

Eye makeup is a significant part of bridal makeup services in Jaipur. If you are looking for a hot and sensual look try smokey and sensual eye makeup. Smokey eyes paved their way back in 2022 with more glamour. With a blend of stellar eyeshadow palette loaded with smokey colour for a dreamy wedding and minimal shimmer or nude lips, you can slay your bridal game with style.

Style n Scissors have the best bridal makeup services and bridal makeup artists who are skilled to make your wedding look more memorable and beautiful.

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