Party Makeup

There is no denying the fact that a party can be incredibly fun when you look and feel your best. However, dressing alone will not make the cut. You also need to use the right makeup to complete your look. So if you want to nail that party makeup, read up these helpful tips, straight from the experts!

Prep your skin

Makeup or no makeup, treating your skin with utmost care is the first thing you need to add to your beauty routine. Many experts will recommend you to start with a face mask to bring out your natural glow. But you can also exfoliate your skin of all its dead skin cells a day before and allow it to rest at night for the perfect radiance. Remember to use the coldest water to wash your face and follow it up with a face oil soon after.

Start with blush

When you start with a blush, it is much easier to blend it with your foundation or tinted moisturizer. Makeup artists also recommend a combination of bronzer with blush to add a touch of varied shades. Always dust the brush before you apply it on the apple of your cheeks. If you are using a light color, make sure that you use just enough to add a healthy, natural tint. Let your natural skin texture be visible so it looks like an actual glow.

Accentuate one feature

Don’t go overboard with your makeup by highlighting every feature. Choose one and work your way through it. It is always better to pick the eyes or lips. If you are wearing smoky eye makeup, then refrain from using sharp lip colors and vice versa. However, it is not to say that you cannot have fun with a bit of eyeliner. Let your eyes do the talking as you dress your lips up with an opulent shade.

Make sure that the concealer is not too light or reflective

Makeup artists suggest that you should always start with a little concealer and blend as per your need. The best way to do this is to apply it under your eyes, gently pat to blend it in and then click your photo to check if it looks the same as it appeared in the bathroom mirror. If you are worried that you may overdo, then you can also consider a salon Best Party Makeup in Jaipur. The only way to keep it simple and natural is by do what feels best for your skin.

Top it up with a dramatic lip

The easiest and the quickest way to get party-ready within minutes is to apply a red lipstick. A deep red lip color is classy and long lasting. You don’t even need a lot of makeup to go with red lipstick.

So next time you have a party, you can try these simple makeup tips to nail the perfect look.

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