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Are you often confused about what your hair should look like? It is no more a reason to worry about your perfect haircut. Most people end up going for the same, old style of haircut. However, due to this lack of confidence and awareness, you would fail to realize the true potential and styling tips your hair could achieve. 

To gain the right awareness about your haircut, knowing a few aspects of your hair would ensure the perfect, fine hair you expect. For this, you need to do some preparation as well. It would ensure that the next time you visit your barber and look in the mirror thereafter, you don’t regret what you see at the top of your head. 

Listed further are the haircut tips to consider when visiting for hair services in Jaipur or elsewhere. 

Get an Introduction to the Clipper Numbers 

Have you ever been asked, “what number do you prefer?” at a barber’s shop? It generally refers to the clipper guard number which determines the amount of hair that will get cut. To answer the question well, it is important to understand the haircut numbering system. 

A clipper guard distances the trimmer’s blades from the surface. So only the longer hair will reach the blades. So, if you are asking for a 0 blade, then it will mean no hair will be left. Similarly, a number 2 will mean a certain hair length will stay intact on your scalp. 

Pictures are worth a Thousand Words

When you visit a salon, it is recommended that you decide on the type of haircut beforehand. Adding to this, having visual information to convey is considered to be a better option. More than words, a picture of the haircut would make the job much simpler and easier for you and the barber. 

Whether you wish for parted hair or faded side hair can be described much better if you have a picture. There are many images available on Instagram, Pinterest and more such sites where you can find such visuals. Do your research well before you visit the best salon in Jaipur. Doing so will prevent the barber from committing any mistakes due to a lack of proper description.  

Know about your hair growth Pattern 

Before you decide on a haircut type, it is important to know what is your hair growth type. Whether you want a shoulder-length cut or shorter hair, the kind of hair growth you have determines a lot. If you have curly hair, you might want shorter hair. It is important to know your hair growth pattern better. 

Even if you are not sure about the hair growth type, usually barbers at the best hair salon in Jaipur and elsewhere can determine the same with just a glance. Get to know about your hair growth profile as it determines how your haircut will fare in a long run. 

Get your Backside hair done right 

One of the most underrated parts of your haircut is the backside of your head. Although the backside is not easily visible in routine life, however, it can give your haircut a next-level look. 

There are a few options which you may consider for your backside haircut options. The fade option as the name says is a style where your hair gradually shortens in length as it goes to the end of the backside hair. In this type, the rounded edges are more cleanly shaped than the square edges. 


Getting a haircut can be a tricky part, especially when you are not sure what you really want. It is important to understand the kind of haircut you wish for. For this, knowing what kind of style would go well with your hair growth profile is important. Several tips need to be considered for knowing what kind of hair styling tips you need for your haircut. 

One of the major aspects is to explicitly describe the kind of haircut you wish for to your barber. A pictorial representation could go a long way to describe the haircut you expect.  Similarly, paying attention to the backside haircut style is also important. By following some such tips properly, you can achieve the perfect haircut the next time you visit a salon. 

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