During the wintertime, our skin experiences a substantial amount of moisture loss, and it becomes dull, dehydrated, and extremely dry. The same thing happens with our hair also.Β  During the winters, our body demands some extra amount of hydration, which during the summers is not required.


Our hair is very fragile and requires a lot of care. A slight change in the climate can not only affect our skin to a considerable extent but also affects our hair a lot. During the winters, our hair becomes very dry. This is one of the causes of hair fall increase during winters, and also dandruff generation is elevated as well.


Our scalp becomes excessively dry; hence the skin of our scalp becomes flaky. These flakes keep falling from our hair as dandruff. The dandruff generation is elevated due to the dryness, and this also leads to itchiness of the scalp, followed by unnecessary irritation caused to your scalp. Dandruff, on the other hand, leads to hair fall.


Other than that, dry hair is very susceptible to breakage as well. Split ends can occur very often during the winters if proper care is not given to our hair. The specialists of the best salon in Jaipur always suggest taking extra care of your hair during the winters. They always advise to enhance the hair care routine and create a new regime for the hair during the winters.


Here are a few useful tips one can opt for taking care of your hair during the winter to make is healthy and shiny.


● Oil your hair more than you do in general. Oiling helps in bringing back the moisture in the hair and also provides it the shine, which was lacking due to dryness. If you have an itchy scalp, you can use tea tree oil with any carrier oil like coconut, almost or olive oil and apply it. This will help in calming the scalp and reduce dandruff also because the tea tree has got antifungal properties. Other than that, you can apply simple cold-pressed coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil to get back the moisture.


● Shampoo your hair as minimum as you can because the soap in the shampoo takes away all the moisture from the hair. Shampooing a week thrice is a maximum that is good for your hair. If you think you need to shampoo every alternate day, make sure you apply a lot of oil at least one hour before washing your hair.


● Use a hair mask before you shampoo your hair. A hair mask can be made at home, or you can buy them from any brand which will suit your hair type and apply it on your scalp and all over the hair. Keep it on your scalp for twenty minutes and wash it off. This will moisturize your scalp and retains moisture as well.


● Use a sulfate-free, paraben-free shampoo. This is important because sulfate causes the foaming, and that takes away the moisture from your hair. Hence use a shampoo that us herbal or at least free from the mentioned chemicals.


You can opt for a hair spa as well. If you want thorough nourishment treatment, then you can take an appointment in Style N Scissors the top salon in Jaipur.Β 

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