Outdoor Makeup

Indian weddings are celebrated with lot of fun fare and festivities. We all want to look our best on our big day. But what if you are getting married on a bright summer afternoon? All it takes is one wrong product for your makeup to come melting down. So what can you do to prevent that from happening?

First you need to find the Best Salon for Outdoor Makeup and ensure that they follow these makeup tips to help you overcome this beauty challenge.

Make sure your makeup is waterproof

Heat and humid weather are enemies of makeup. Not using the right products would mean that your foundation, blush etc. would all come melting down in little beads of sweat, streaking your face along the way! Do you really want to ruin your perfect look? If you want to melt-proof your makeup, then you need to request your makeup artist to only apply waterproof make up which includes eyeliner, mascara, foundation, kohl etc. Ask them to apply a translucent face powder to make your makeup last longer.

Go easy on the makeup

As the light during daytime is harsh, you should keep the makeup light too. Don’t go for dark lips and bold smoky eyes. This look is reserved for brides who get married at night! For the day time wedding, you should stick to soft hues such as pink, peace, light metallic, nude, coral etc. This will ensure that your soft makeup works in tandem with the natural sunlight, accentuating your face in a subtle manner.

Ask your makeup artist to strobe instead instead of contouring

Brides want their face to look slim and sharp. However, for daytime functions, contouring does nothing to achieve that objective. In fact, the contour lines look much sharper in your day photographs, creating distracting lines rather than highlighting your features. Strobes, on the other hand, gently highlight your features to give you a soft slimming effect.

Hydrating Face Mists

These face mists are a lifesaver on a hot summer day! Supplement with your makeup with sparkles to make you glow under the glowing sun. You can also use a hydrating setting spray that gives you fresh look, dew-covered look for your summer event.

Use a lip gloss

You must avoid wearing pigmented dark lip shades during the day. Instead, use nudes, red, pink, orange, peach etc. Nude lips look perfect during the day. You can also add a little glitter gloss to make your lips shine!

Go easy on the eyeliner

Avoid bold eyeliners and keep it simple with a thin line. If you want something more dramatic, then you can opt for different colors such as blue or green. You can also consider glitter lines for day time functions.

Outdoor makeup for daytime events can be tricky business. To avoid making yourself look caked, discuss these tips with your makeup artist so that they can help you get your desired look.

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