The Benefits of Sleep for Your Skin Hair and Nails

We are often searching for under-eye creams to hide the dark circles. Why is it so? Ever thought about why that happened? If not yet don’t worry! You will agree that no matter what happens throughout your day but sleep has to be proper with good hours of rest and comfort. We can’t deny that sleep matters a lot because it works like rejuvenation of your whole system from mind, body, and overall health. Sleep is more similar to the relaxing therapy we generally get at Spa centers or beauty parlors. Normally experts advise having beauty sleep for at least 7 to 9 hours daily to reap all the health benefits. You will feel more energized and fresh the moment you wake up. This sleep is called beauty sleep for a good amount of reasons. Let us read what these reasons are – 

Lesser Wrinkles – Having a good night’s sleep pumps up the growth hormone which stimulates collagen production. This collagen is a type of protein that is responsible to make the skin supple and elastic. So sleep properly if you want to have wrinkle-free skin. 

Crystal Clear Glow – Skin undergoes the process of regeneration daily that’s why the old skin cells fade your complexion with clogged pores that become pimples. Whereas a good night’s sleep rejuvenates the skin cells into fresh that glows up your skin bright and clear. 

Stronger hairs and nails – As cells are the building blocks of your whole system that’s why when you sleep adequately your cells get repaired. This results in stronger and shiny hairs. Also, your nails are less likely to crack easily. 

Beautiful Eyes – Most of the girls are concerned about their dark circles due to lack of sleep or insomnia. By sleeping for fewer hours your blood is pooling under the eyes which makes them look dark and puffy. Also, the eyes start appearing reddish and exhausted similar to the person who is high on drugs. So if you want bright and luminous eyes just shut down your eyes at the right time and open them after a full good night’s sleep. 

Healthy Weight – The right body weight is everyone’s target because it enhances your well-being. When you properly sleep for the right amount of hours you are giving your body enough time to take down the metabolism process faster. It is also proven that people who sleep for optimum time are fit than insomniac person. So if your gym exercises are not working out properly then it is time to change your sleep pattern. 

Happy Vibes – The happy face is the most beautiful accessory don’t you think so? In case you are stressed out or depressed then it is confirmed that you don’t sleep properly. A good night’s sleep releases good levels of dopamine (the happy hormone). As soon as you get up in the morning you will have a bright smile with a fulfillment feel.

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Q1. What do 8 hours of sleep do for your skin? 

The perfect eight hours of sleep give you glowing skin as the body boosts the blood flow during rest time. So if you have lifeless dry skin you must sleep for at least eight hours a day.

Q2. How many hours of sleep for glowing skin?

Beauty sleep is very important to have a glowing complexion at least 7 to 9 hours are important to have healthy and radiant skin. 

Q3. Is oversleeping good for your skin?

The ideal sleep is decided according to your age and how much physical activity your body does. Still, sleep extending more than 9 hours is called as oversleep. There are no proofs that oversleeping deteriorates the skin condition. 

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