Due to the outbreak of coronavirus maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness has become a huge deal everywhere. Be it in everyday life or outside work maintenance of hygiene and sanitization has become an immensely vital criterion to follow.


When it comes to going for beauty services, maintenance of hygiene is a significant factor. At Style N Scissors’ best salon in India, we have been investing a lot of time and effort to enhance our working protocols to maintain a sanitized environment and safe services as well.


Our workers’ prime source of earning is from the salon; hence we have decided to open our services for clients on an appointment based process. We are creating a new set of protocols for working and serving. Be it personal beauty services or makeup services; we maintain the same amount of safety.


Rules we are following to maintain all safety measures.


● Servicing is provided on an appointment based process. Clients will have to call and fix an appointment for whatever they need servicing.


● Clients, as well as workers, everyone will have to come inside the salon wearing masks. Without masks, we will not allow anybody to enter the salon.


● Checking of body temperature will be performed using thermal screening. Be it, clients or workers, everyone’s temperature will be measured. If the temperature exceeds the normal level, then the person will not be allowed to enter.


● Whatever tools we are using on our clients, be it makeup brushes or combs, we are cleaning it all after one use. We are keeping a lot of backups of our tools so that we never run out of fresh ones and never reuse the tools on anybody.


● Workers are sanitizing their hands at every hour to ensure the utmost cleanliness. Be it before starting a service or before attending a client, they are keeping their hands sanitized and are wearing gloves as well.


● Workers will have to wear gloves while they work. To cancel out any possibilities of physical contact, they are strictly advised to wear gloves only when they work after sanitizing their hands thoroughly.


● The entire area of the salon is thoroughly sanitized using alcohol-based disinfectants with chemicals twice every day, once after opening the salon and once before closing it.


● Every surface and corner inside the salon is disinfected hourly. Tabletops, doorknobs, seats are disinfected immediately after a client leaves.


● Workers are not allowed to come in numbers to work. Instead, we are making them work in shifts and are bringing workers as per the number of appointments made for the day. This is done to avoid social gatherings inside the salon.


Style N Scissors beauty parlor in Jaipur is working immensely hard to maintain all the safety protocols to keep everything in control, hence if you are being skeptical of going out for taking services of beauty treatments, fear not to visit Style N Scissors.

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