In the time of the coronavirus pandemic, when the world is battling against to survive, we also have to get back to work and carry on with our normal lifestyle to sustain. Every work done during the pandemic is getting modified with the incorporation of safety precautions and steps to ensure there is a safe environment existing. Also, nobody is going to put their life at risk to step out of their home.


At Style N Scissors the best salon in Jaipur, we have changed our entire work process as well. Keeping in mind the current scenario and to stay steady in the beauty industry, we have opened our doors to our clients. We believe our workers earn their livelihood through the salon, and hence getting back to work was a necessary step. Thus to nullify all the possibilities of getting infected by the coronavirus, we have changed a lot of working processes, incorporated new rules for workers as well as clients to keep the entire space safe.

We have made a detailed list of protocols for our clients and one separate for our workers to maintain social distancing, avoid the possibilities of crowding, and also direct contact with each other.


At Style N Scissors the best beauty parlor in Jaipur, we do not refrain from servicing our clients by compromising with the quality of work. Hence we are providing the same work with the same dedication with some minor strict rules to maintain safety.


Rules for clients while visiting the salon.

● Every client will have to come wearing their own masks. Without a mask, we will not allow anybody, no matter how urgent it is inside the salon. As per the rules of government, we have made wearing a mask mandatory inside the salon.


● Services will be provided to clients who will fix an appointment with our workers beforehand only. Nobody can come and enter the salon without an appointment. We have restricted the number of workers as per appointments only. This is done to avoid social gatherings and also to maintain social distancing.


● Clients are advised to come with their own hand sanitizers. When they enter, we will provide them with some sanitizer, but to ensure the utmost safety, they should have their own sanitizers.


● Clients should have online payment methods available. We are avoiding cash payment; hence online method is required.


Other rules to be followed-

● Workers will be working in shifts to avoid overcrowding also to maintain social distancing. The number of workers will be proportionate to the number of appointments fixed for the day.


● Workers will be working in PPE suits, wear masks, and hand gloves all the time.


● Thermal screening of body temperature will be done for every person entering the salon.


● Daily and hourly sanitization of the salon will be performed using disinfectants.


● Workers and clients will be disinfecting their hands while entering the salon.

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