In today’s condition, where the world is fighting with the COVID 19 pandemic, we are gradually getting back to a healthy life. But to carry out any function, extra care is required to be taken. Sanitization work, which was a basic necessity, was not as important earlier as we need to do it in every hour almost.


At Style N Scissors the best salon in Jaipur, we are not stepping back from doing anything to keep the environment safe for our workers as well as our clients. No stone is unturned in terms of maintaining a sanitized surrounding, and our work process is also facing a lot of modification lately to manage the whole pandemic situation and carry on our work as well.


At Style N Scissors the best parlor in Jaipur, we have created a detailed list comprising safety tips that our workers are strictly following to keep themselves healthy and strong to fight against the virus and simultaneously serve our clients.


Thorough sanitization of the parlor

We are using a mixture of chemicals and isopropyl alcohol to sanitize our premises and seats regularly. Every seat is being sanitized with alcohol-based sanitizers after a client is sitting there to get their service done. We conduct a thorough sanitization process after opening the parlor and before closing it on the same day as well. Every surface is being sanitized continuously, which is being touched like doorknobs, table surfaces, etc.


Continuous sanitization of tools.

Our workers are advised to clean the tools after one use continuously. Be it scissors, comb, brushes, towels we have stocked up enough to use fresh and clean tools on our clients. We are putting immense effort to make our services or work process as clean as possible.


Maintenance of social distancing.

Our workers attend the salon in small batches to maintain the protocol of social distancing inside the parlor. Apart from that, we also take appointments of clients beforehand to avoid a considerable gathering as well. Every day a certain small number of people are given time to come and visit and get their services done by our specialists.


Regular temperature checking.

We check the body temperature of our workers regularly before they enter the salon with a thermal screener. This is a mandatory process for our salon. If the temperature is not shown within normal parameters, the worker is advised not to attend the salon until they feel normal.


Hourly thorough sanitization of hands.

After entering the salon, workers are advised to wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. After every beauty service, they do the same process. Meanwhile, they are encouraged to use an alcohol-based sanitizer to sanitize their hands while working.


Strict usage of PPE kits and masks.

Our workers are not allowed to remain inside the salon without a mask or wearing a PPE kit as well. Other than that, wearing gloves is strictly followed while doing a service.

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