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Personal beauty services are the utmost necessity for every people existing. Cutting your hair, getting manicures, getting a facial, having a spa. These might seem like a luxury. But to keep your health and hygiene maintained, these are necessary at some point in time. But somehow, due to the pandemic getting basic self-care done becomes a struggle due to safety issues.


At Style N Scissors, the best hair salon in Jaipur, we are taking hardcore precautionary measures to make our clients visit the salon and get their essential self-care and hygiene routines done like hair cutting, facial, and a lot more. We have incorporated an innumerable number of safety protocols in our daily working routine to make the environment safe for our clients as well as our workers.


Our team understand the necessity of getting self-care services, and hence we have taken the decision of opening our doors to our clients who can now come and get a haircut done quickly without the fear of getting any infection.


We are no more indulging into the old methods of service. And we are following the necessary protocols suggested by the government and the World Health Organization to keep away coronavirus and work normally.


Without compromising with our skills and dedication towards servicing our clients, we have made some drastic changes in our salon, which are expected to be strictly followed by both our workers and clients.


People who are wondering if getting a haircut done from a salon during the pandemic. Can be safe or not should not worry and come to Style N Scissors. Be it self care servicing or best bridal makeup in Jaipur, we are doing everything to satisfy our clients.


The rules to be followed by our workers while serving clients.


● Every worker is advised to wear a mask while entering the salon. Without a mask, nobody will be allowed to enter or work inside the salon premises.


● Hourly sanitization of hands is a must. Specifically, before starting any beauty service, they need to sanitize their hands with soap and water for 20 minutes. Other than that, regular sanitization using hand sanitizer is a must.


● Wearing a face shield while working is also a must. This is an extra step we have taken to cancel out any possibilities of contact.


● Every worker, while being inside the salon, will be using PPE kits to stay safe and keep our clients safe as well.


The rules to be followed by clients while visiting the salon.


● Clients cannot enter the salon without a mask. We will not provide clients with masks; hence they will have to wear one mandatorily.


● Services will be provided on fixing an appointment. Clients will have to call to set appointments before visiting the salon. This is done to maintain social distancing.


● Clients are advised to carry hand sanitizers. We will be providing them with some while they visit the salon, but it is for their own safety to carry a sanitizer with them.


● Thermal checking will be done while entering the salon. Hence if someone is having a fever or has a temperature exceeding normal parameters, they are not advised to visit the salon.

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