eye makeup

Getting a flawless face makeup and leaving out the eyes to be simple is never going to make your overall look complete. Eye makeup is the quintessential part of any look and it can totally make or break the deal.

A beautiful eye makeup look that goes with the occasion you are attending is going to make it evident that you have put in the effort to look better for the event, it is definitely going to change your overall look and provide definition to your eyes as well.

So what are the pro tips to achieve flawless eye shadow look?

The makeup professionals of Style ‘N’ Scissors recommends following these particular tips and tricks to create a perfect blended eye makeup look-

  • Apply a primer- an eye shadow primer is the most important step to make your eye perfect. If you opt for smokey eye makeup or even eye makeup for bridal applying a primer is a must. It helps in making your shadow stick onto your lids for the longest period of time. Apply the primer by the help of your fingers or using a small flat brush.
  • Take a dark crease colour- the crease colour extenuates the eye shape and therefore makes it appear bigger and prominent in shape as well. a crease colour should be brown if you plan to go for smokey eye makeup. Use a fluffy blending brush and take a little amount of shadow and apply it on your crease area in a windshield motion. Do not take a lot of pigment in one go instead keep building up the intensity of the colour gradually. This way you can make a number of mistakes and can perfectly blend the shadow as well.
  • Apply concealer or glitter primer to make a cut crease- if you are planning to apply glitter then a glitter primer is a must. It helps in making the glitter stick to the lid. For eye makeup for bridal looks, you can apply concealer lightly on the lid to clear out the crease colour and apply the next colour and make it look brighter as well. In case of doing a smokey eye, you can skip this step and instead just apply some dark brown or black colour all over the lid and blend it properly to give it a seamless look.
  • Apply the glitter- use a small flat brush and apply the glitter on the area where you have applied glitter primer and let it sit for a while.
  • Apply eye line- in eye Makeup, liner plays a very important role. It makes our eyes prominent and also makes our lash band appear thicker. Hence to complete the whole look of your eye makeup apply a thin or thick liner according to your preferences. You can also opt for cat liner or a winged liner as well.

After doing all of the steps our makeup professionals from Style ‘N’ Scissors always recommends to apply a thick coating of mascara to complete the entire look and make your lashes look fluttery and thick.

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