Himalayan Salt Lamp

Natural Salt Lamps are hand crafted and mounted on a polished wood base. They come with a certified electrical cord with an on/off rocker switch and a 15 watt bulb. All of our electrical cords are certified to CSA standards
Salt Lamps are mother natures ions which help to clear the air of mold, smoke, dust, etc.

The salt used in the production of these lamps itself is 250 million years old, and should last another 250 million years!. Try keeping your lamp out of humid situations, such as out of doors, or near open windows in a humid area and it will last forever.

All lamps are unique, and no two will look exactly alike.

Small (S) 2-3 kg / 4-6.5 lbs
Med (M) 3.5-6 kg / 9-13 lbs
Large (L) 6.5-8 kg / 15-18 lbs
Xtra Large (XL) 9-12 kg / 20-28 lbs
XXtra Large (XXL) 15-18 kg / 33-40 lbs

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