While the world is fighting against the deadly virus COVID 19, we are bound to keep ourselves safe from it and stay healthy as well. The best we can do from our side to stay away from the virus and to keep people safe is to maintain social distancing and sanitize.

In the current day situation, we have to get back to our regular daily routine alongside maintaining social distance. Keeping in mind the safety protocols, we are servicing topnotch quality beauty services to our clients in current-day situations.

At Style N Scissors the best salon in Jaipur, we have created a detailed protocol list for our workers and clients to follow while coming to our salon and getting their services done. This protocol list comprises all the necessary yet impactful steps which we have to take to stay fit and keep others healthy as well.

The safety of our workers is equally important as the safety of our clients. Hence we have created a precautionary measure protocol list which they are entitled to follow if they plan a visit at Style N Scissors, the luxury salon in Jaipur.

Make appointments.

We are no more following the normal process of working where clients can visit the salon whenever they want. Now clients are required to make appointments by calling. This is done to maintain social distancing and avoid the possibilities of a gathering. A small number of people are given time to come and get their services done. After they leave, a thorough sanitization process is carried on to keep the premises clean. We are holding a limited number of workers as well, which is complimenting the number of appointments taken for the day.

Wear a mask.

Without a mask, we are not allowing workers and clients to enter the salon. As per government rules’ wearing a mask in public is mandatory; hence we are not allowing anybody to enter without a mask. Clients are requested to take the protocols seriously to keep themselves safe since we are doing our bit of keeping things safe as well.

Online payment only.

To minimize the possibilities of physical contact, we have made online payment mandatory. Taking note and giving money back can spread the virus; hence to nullify all those possibilities, we are making payments only via online methods.

Carry a sanitizer.

This is not a mandatory thing, but to maintain safety, clients can carry a sanitizer for themselves. While entering, we will conduct a thermal screening of body temperature and will provide hand sanitizer as well. But once they leave the salon, they need to sanitize their hands on their way back home if they touch anything; hence carrying a sanitizer is recommended.

At Style N Scissors the best salon in Jaipur, we are thoroughly maintaining every safety measure that needs to be followed. Do not worry and make your appointments with us now to get your beauty services done.

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