Destination Wedding Makeup in Jaipur

A wedding is a grand celebration of the union of two souls. Maintaining perfect throughout the entire procedure is what every couple wants. Similarly, brides also want to look flawless and perfect on your wedding day, but when it comes to a destination wedding, things are a bit complicated and hectic. At a destination wedding, you have to travel to a different place and not necessarily you will find everything in front of you; hence, taking care of yourself in that situation is really important. As said by the professionals doing Destination Wedding Makeup in Jaipur, taking care of your skin is really important if you plan to look flawless on your wedding day. Your skin will go through a lot of changes when you travel; hence, you should follow the basic tips provided by the professionals doing Destination Wedding Makeup in Jaipur.

Now let’s see what the professionals doing Destination Wedding Makeup in Jaipur suggest in order to get perfect bridal makeup.

  • Take care of your skincare regime; even if you are traveling, do not skip on maintaining the regime. No matter how hectic the schedule becomes, the professionals doing Destination Wedding Makeup in Jaipur advises making sure you apply the products you need just like how you have been doing at home.
  • Apply a primer before you do your makeup. A primer is always going to make your base products stick on your skin no matter how much you sweat.
  • Do not forget to colour correct your dark spots. If you do not colour correct them after applying the foundation, they will look ashy.
  • Make sure you apply your eye makeup complimenting your lipstick shade. If you have a very heavy eye makeup, make sure you apply a lip shade, which is light in colour, preferably a nude shade. On the other hand, if your eye makeup is not very extra, make sure you apply a dark or bold colour lipstick to make your makeup look balanced.
  • Do not forget to apply a setting spray in the end. Settings pray it is like a final lock to your makeup so that it does not budges and stay in the same place for an extensive period of time.
  • Do not overdo your blush; it will make you end up looking like a clown. Make sure you blend your blush thoroughly in order to get flawless results.
  • Carefully choose your bronzer, make sure it is neither too red nor too dark as well. The perfect neutral tone will only give you a flawless look. Also, make sure you blend your bronzer perfectly with your blush to get an even-toned look.
  • Choose your highlighter carefully as well. If you have oily skin, always avoid liquid highlighters because that will give your skin an extremely greasy look; hence, choosing a powder highlighter is better for oily skin people. If you have dry skin, make sure you apply liquid highlighter underneath your foundation to get the perfect glow in which your skin is lacking due to the dryness.

The professionals doing Destination Wedding Makeup in Jaipur from Style N Scissors often emphasize on taking care of the skin more than applying makeup in general. According to them, if the skin is not properly nourished, the makeup will never tend to stick on the skin. The professionals doing Destination Wedding Makeup in Jaipur from Style N Scissors are extremely skilled and experienced. Any person traveling to Jaipur for their wedding should always visit Style N Scissors for getting their wedding day grooming session done along with their makeup.

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