Neck Skincare Routine tips

A flawless skin, absolutely smooth with no scars or wrinkles, is what every woman wants. However, someday you actually notice that the skin on your neck has some fine lines and wrinkles and is becoming dark. Don’t fret; we have got you.


We at Style N Scissors the Best salon in Jaipur will discuss some of the best beauty tips for making a younger-looking neck. So let us get right into it. However, before we explain you the best skincare routine for your neck let us understand

Why do you need a skincare routine for your neck?

When you are in your youth, you would like to look confident with vibrant looks and energy and the last thing you would want is to have a pigmented skin on your neck or chest.


Décolleté often referred to as the area around your cleavage, neck, shoulder area are spots. Which are really prone to aging. Now the fact is that most women generally tend to care about their face and do not pay much attention to these areas. However, these areas have less elasticity and if you don’t follow a proper anti-aging routine for these areas. They will be fastest to age making you look dull.


Also, the skin in the neck is not only thin but also is sensitive. So, if you do not take adequate care of it, it will be prone to sagging and enhance the ageing process. Hence it is important that you have a proper skincare routine for your neck.

Best Neck Skincare Routine Tips 


Massage the right way with the right quantity of oil

The direction of the massage and the type and amount of oil are very important as a wrong movement, or wrong quantity can really damage your skin. The proper way of massaging your skin of the neck is moving both your palms from the lower to the upper region in vertical motion.


Also, select the right kind of oil. If you are using coconut oil, make sure you use it with a little water or palm oil since pure coconut oil can be really heavy. You can also use olive oil, sweet almond oil, rose oil, etc., for massaging.

Fruit Masks: Being the Best Spa in Jaipur

we suggest you take fruit masks for your neck, which will really give you great results. You can either buy a fruit mask from the store or can make it in your home. Apple, banana, avocado are some fruits you can use as they are really good for the skin.

Apply Toner

Make sure you apply toner on your skin around the neck when you use it for your face. It is essential as it helps to keep the skin hydrated. You can also apply cream or a lotion to the neck skin.

Remove Face Makeup

This is an essential tip that you must follow. Remember to remove makeup from your neck while you are removing your face makeup, as if you don’t, it can cause massive damage to your skin.

Summing Up

These are some of the tips for a good skincare routine for your neck. This will not only help your skin from ageing but also prevent it from looking dull. With a proper skin care routine consisting of the above-mentioned points, your neck skin will be really flawless and will glam up your entire look.


We at Style N Scissors being the best spa in Jaipur, suggest you implement these tips and see your neck skin getting absolutely flawless.

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