Your wedding day is the most special for you. On this day, you want to look absolutely gorgeous from top to bottom. However, choosing the best bridal makeup in Jaipur is really a tough task. Well, Style and Scissors is there for you, where our professional artists specialize in the best hair and destination wedding makeup in Jaipur. In this post, we are going to talk about some of the best hair treatment by Style and Scissors to make your hair look the best for your wedding day

Scalp Facials

Scalp facials with proper washing, conditioning, serum massages will help to smoothen your flaky and itchy scalp. Hence make it a must that you take a scalp facial to exfoliate your scalp and boost hair growth.

Moisture Treatments

In such a type of treatment proteins are used which makes your hair shine. So, turn your dull and lifeless hair into a shiny and glass one with the best parlour in Jaipur Style and Scissors.

Detox Treatment

It may be possible that you don’t visit your salon very often, but before your big day, your hair needs to be detoxed right away. So, head to your nearest salon and take a detox session which will make your scalp and boost healthy hair growth. It will also help to clear out all your toxins and add volume to your hair.

Hair Smoothening or Keratin Hair Treatment

It is a procedure to replenish the keratin protein in your hair through which your hair will look quite smooth and sleek.


Apart from these special hair treatments, you can also try the best professional destination wedding makeup in Jaipur from Style and Scissors and completely revamp your look.

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