When the pandemic is happening all over the world and stopping our normal lifestyle practices, we have been spending a significant number of days of this year mostly indoors. But as times are passing by, we definitely need to get back to normal life now. At Style N Scissors luxury salon in Jaipur, we have also taken the decision of opening our doors to our clients.


The salon is our worker’s only source of income; hence to let them have a steady livelihood, we have started providing services to our clients by maintaining social distancing and also many safety protocols.


The safety protocols are maintained thoroughly every day by every worker. We have a different set of rules for workers and for clients to follow. Clients need not worry about anything while taking services from Style N Scissors, the best hair salon in Jaipur, because we are following safety and hygiene practices thoroughly every day.


Rules to be followed by both workers and clients to maintain a safe and hygienic environment inside the salon.

● Clients will be coming to have their services done wearing a mask. Without a mask, they will not be allowed to enter.


● Clients will have to call the salon and fix appointments for getting their services done. We are doing this to maintain social distancing. Hence without an appointment, no client will be served no matter how urgent the requirement is.


● Clients should have online payment facilities. To avoid physical contact between clients and workers, we are not taking cash as payment; instead, online payment is encouraged.


● Workers are working in PPE suits. While serving our clients, workers are strictly wearing PPE suits, which is a unique step that we have incorporated into our protocols.


● Workers will be wearing gloves while attending clients; even if they have sanitized their hands, wearing gloves is a must.


● Workers will not attend clients without wearing masks.


● Thorough sanitization of hands is one of the main protocols our workers will follow before attending clients.


● A thermal checkup will be done before entering the salon. If someone’s temperature exceeds the normal parameters, they will not be allowed to enter.


● Workers are cleaning every tool after a single-use. We are keeping a lot of backups so that we are never running out of fresh tools.


● Workers are working in shifts instead of coming together. The number of workers will be equal to the number of appointments made for the day.


● The entire environment of the salon is sanitized twice a day thoroughly. Other than that, the corners and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned using disinfectants as well. Any surface which is being touched a lot of times like tabletops, doorknobs are sanitized immediately after being touched by clients and workers.


Clients need not be skeptical about coming and getting their services done from Style N Scissors. We are maintaining every possible safety measure to ensure the top-notch quality of service.

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