Applying makeup is an art just like any other form. It requires skills, creativity, and an eye for detail to highlight the best parts of your face. You not only need the right tools but also an active imagination. This is the reason why all those makeup professionals are considered not only as experts but as artists.


It goes without saying that getting that flawless and picture-perfect look is no cakewalk. You need to understand the basic principles of each product and what their application achieves to make the right choice. But most importantly, you must choose something that suits your skin tone and skin type so that it becomes one with your own skin and give an appearance of natural beauty.


The Best Makeup Artist in Jaipur will be trained, skilled, and dedicated to their profession. So if you want to learn the art, here are some tips and tricks shared by experts that you can use to nail the perfect look.


Get rid of puffiness and redness with eye drops

This is one of the rookie tricks that all makeup artists use to get rid of puffiness and redness in your eyes. But to an untrained eye, it looks like something straight out of magic book! These eye drops contain decongestants that can constrict the blood vessels in your eyes and ensure that your eyes are no longer swollen. The same is applicable to puffiness of the skin as well. They are not only helpful in removing redness but can also be used to get rid of pimples at the last minute. Just pour a few drops on the a cotton pad and dab it on the affected area. The redness/puffiness will be gone like it never existed. However, avoid using this technique excessively as the skin might get used to the decongestant and cause the redness to worsen with each application.


Invest in a beauty blender

A beauty blender is a tool that you come across in every makeup kit these days. This indispensable sponge is shaped like a teardrop and can be used as a contouring brush as well as a blending brush. Its unorthodox shape can also be used to apply the foundation. Just make sure that the blender is slightly moist before you apply your foundation.


Know the right colour combinations

Wrong colours on your skin can make you look darker than your actual skin tone and also older than your years. Any makeup artist will tell you to first understand the colour theory to get your makeup right. Just look at the colour wheel and cancel out the shades opposite from each other. You should also understand how certain colours look better than the others on certain undertones. For example, a warm skin tone will go well with golden hues.


These are some expert tips from expert makeup artists that can take your makeup game up a few levels.

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