In the days of the pandemic, Style n Scissors, the best salon in India, have been investing time and effort to change their working protocols and serve clients with the same skills and dedication like they used to do. Due to the lockdown and the pandemic, a lot of changes have been introduced into the whole working process, and a lot of rules have been made to follow as well.


Apart from self-care and other facilities, Style n Scissors best salon in India has been looking forward to starting their makeup services as well. A lot of safety protocols have been incorporated in the whole service process to keep the entire process safe, clean, and also topnotch.


The safety protocols the salon is maintaining.


● Workers are not allowed without a mask inside the salon and also while serving clients. The wearing of N95 masks is encouraged due to better safety assurance.


● Workers are serving clients while wearing gloves. Despite sanitizing hands before every service, we encourage our workers to wear gloves while doing makeup looks or doing self-care services as well.


● Everyday body temperatures are checked with a thermal screening of each worker before they enter the salon. If someone’s temperature is exceeding the normal limit, they are not allowed to work for a certain amount of time until they are fit to join back.


● Thorough sanitization processes are carried regularly to disinfect the entire premise of the salon. Before opening and closing, an in-depth cleaning process is done to keep everything sanitized and clean.


● Hourly sanitization is performed by spraying chemicals and disinfectants.


● Workers are advised to wash their hands before starting any service and after completing one as well. They are encouraged to use soap and water mostly and a few times sanitizers.


● Surfaces are thoroughly disinfected regularly with alcohol-based sanitizers hourly.


Apart from these precautions, special precautions are being taken for makeup services as well. Style N Scissors are back with their makeup artist servicing for clients who are looking for makeup looks for occasions. The makeup artists are initiating appointment-based servicing in the current situation. We are conducting our services with the utmost safety and precautions. We have incorporated multiple new protocols for the makeup artists specifically while performing makeup looks.


Special safety protocols to be followed by makeup artists.


● Regular cleaning of tools is a must now. All the brushes used on our clients will be thoroughly after one usage. Apart from that, blenders, towels, combs, and every other thing which comes in direct contact with our clients are thoroughly washed, cleaned, and dried before using them again.


● Makeup artists will perform the entire service wearing a mask as well as a face shield to minimize all the possibilities of transmitting infection.


● The services will be done by artists while wearing hand gloves as well. Also, they will be sanitizing their hands before starting.


Style N Scissors top salon in Jaipur is taking an innumerable number of precautions to make the experience of clients fruitful even in a pandemic situation. Call us now and fix your appointment.

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