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Everyone has amazing makeup facts and suggestions to give, whether it’s on social media, beauty influencers, or your friend’s sister. When it comes to cosmetics, though, trial and error cannot be relied on. Your skin is delicate, whether it is normal, dry, or sensitive, and you must ensure that the cosmetics you use do not irritate it. Makeup myths have caused individuals to reconsider their purchases. They make us believe that some things are harmful to our health. We are susceptible to manufactured truths and falsehoods that we rarely verify. Some misunderstandings regarding cosmetics and beauty items are perpetuated by elder parents who do not want their adolescent daughters to use them.

Here is a list of the top 10 intriguing and entertaining cosmetics facts you should know.

#1 Myth: Regularly using makeup makes you age faster

Fact: The key causes of skin ageing include not cleansing it frequently and not keeping it moisturised. To avoid breakouts or allergic reactions, use only hypoallergenic products that have been well tested. Remove any traces of makeup before going to bed at night – this is when the skin relaxes and breathes.

#2 Myth: No need to use sunscreen if your makeup has SPF

Fact: Even if your makeup contains SPF, you should use sunscreen every day. Sunscreen is a must-have if you want to be protected from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Most cosmetic formulations simply do not include enough sun protection to completely protect your skin. That extra layer of sun protection doesn’t have to be hefty or goopy.

#3 Myth: Cosmetics don’t expire

Fact: Every product has an expiration date, which the producer places on the product. The product’s shelf life begins counting down the moment you open the box. Expired cosmetic items can cause skin conditions, so use them with caution.

#4 Myth: Red lips are not for everyone

Fact: It is a common misconception that red lipstick does not suit all complexion tones. Several colours of red are appropriate for people of all complexion tones. The only key is to find the correct hue for you. If you appear better with silver jewellery, crimson lipstick with blue undertones will look best on you. If you prefer gold jewellery, opt for orangey reds instead.

#5 Myth: Expensive products are always better

Fact: The ingredients in cosmetics may or may not affect you. However, this does not imply that the quality is poor. Many of the active components in anti-aging skin-care products are the same regardless of where they are purchased. Several cosmetic items are as excellent as, if not better, higher-end/luxury ones. 

#6 Myth: Plumper increases the size of your lips

Fact: Lip augmentation procedures employing fillers to deliver lasting effects for thinner lips are the only approach to plump up your lips. Lip plumpers contain substances that cause them to swell as a result of their response to the lip cells. These creams irritate your lips with substances like menthol and hot pepper, causing them to become momentarily puffy. The bloated appearance will fade as soon as the influence of these chemicals wears off.

#7 Myth: Dusky women shouldn’t go for vibrant and shimmery colours

Fact: Everything looks good on dark skin tones, from a vivid lip to a burst of colour on the cheekbones. To create a fun attitude, experiment with bright colours on your lips and eyelids. True, glittery eyeshadow all over the lid can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles. That does not preclude you from wearing it if you so desire!

#8 Myth: Makeup clogs pores and causes acne

Fact: Cosmetics do not cause acne breakouts, according to scientific data. Poor cleanliness and the usage of expired or low-quality items can lead to acne and other infections. Non-comedogenic makeup is suitable for persons with severely oily skin. Using unsuitable products, such as a dewy-finish foundation on oily skin, can also cause breakouts.

#9 Myth: Choose a foundation lighter than your shade

Fact: People believe that being fair is the best way to acquire a faultless appearance. Most people with dusky brown skin wear a foundation that is substantially lighter than their actual skin tone. Matching your jawline is the greatest method to pick the correct colour. If the foundation mixes nicely into your skin, you’ve picked the correct shade. The product should blend into your skin without making it appear lighter or darker than it is. 

#10 Myth: Makeup is harmful

Fact: Makeup does not damage your skin. The only thing that is hazardous is failing to prioritise cleanliness. Makeup can shield your skin from pollutants. To maintain skin as clean and clear as possible, carefully remove makeup before washing it with warm water and a creamy cleanser every night.

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