Due to the outbreak of coronavirus maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness has become an utmost necessity everywhere. Keeping surfaces clean, spaces disinfected, and ourselves clean as well has become a necessity to stay safe during the pandemic.


At Style N Scissors the best salon in Jaipur, we have been maintaining all the necessary precautions to keep our salon premises extremely safe and clean for our workers as well as our clients. Keeping in mind all the necessities, we have opened our doors to serve our clients finally.


We believe our workers earn their livelihood from our salon, and keeping it closed for almost four months will push their lives towards a disaster. Hence we are maintaining a strict safety protocol to keep everything sanitized and safe and bringing back our workers to work and earn again. Also, getting your regular self-care services plays a quintessential role in maintaining self-hygiene. Hence, we have started servicing still for the benefit of both our clients and workers.


Style N Scissors, the top salon in Jaipur, has created a detailed list of rules to be followed strictly by everyone residing inside the salon, be it, workers or clients, to not facilitate any possibilities of creating a crowd and spreading infection.


Our rules for clients consist of:


● Appointment based servicing- clients will have to call before visiting the salon and fix appointments for their services. Specific time and date will be assigned to them when they can come and visit the salon. This is performed to maintain social distancing.


● Mandatorily wear a mask- without a mask, nobody is allowed inside the salon. We will not provide masks to our clients; hence they have to wear their own while coming to get their services done.


● Carry a sanitizer- even though we will provide hand sanitizers to clients when they enter the salon, it is for their own safety to carry one with them.


● Checking body temperature- people who are feeling chills or got a fever will not be allowed inside the salon even if they are coming with all the precautions.


● Payment via online mode- to nullify the possibilities of infection, we are not taking payments in cash. Clients will have to pay via online modes.


Other safety precautions are taken:


● The entire salon premises are disinfected and sanitized using alcohol-based disinfectants regularly. Also, hourly we are cleaning the insides to keep it squeaky clean.


● All the surfaces inside the salon-like doorknobs, tabletops, etc. are being sanitized hourly.


● Tools used on customers are thoroughly cleaned after each use. Be it makeup brushes or combs or towels, we are using fresh batch for everyone and washing them for the next use.


● Workers are not allowed to serve clients without wearing PPE suits, gloves, and masks as well as face shields.

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