Dry & Frizzy Hair

Are you tired of dealing with dry & frizzy hair all the time? Well, you have landed on the right post. In this post Style N Scissors being the best hair salon in Jaipur will give you some tips. Through which you can maintain a good hair routine regarding dry and frizzy hair. However, before we explain you how to maintain your dry and frizzy hair let us understand

What causes Dry & Frizzy Hair?


Though for most people dry & frizzy hair is due to their genes. There can be several other causes for a frizzy hair. In most cases due to a lack of moisture, or when the hair is damaged or chemically treated with colour or other therapies hair tend to get frizzy.


When the hair is dry or damaged the cuticle of the hair is raised rather than laying flat smoothly thereby allowing the moisture to enter and tend to make your hair puffy and turn into frizz. So, we would suggest you to keep your hair hydrated as much as possible thereby helping the cuticle layer to stay flat and smooth. So, let us understand how to maintain dry and frizzy hair

Top 5 Tips to Maintain Dry and Frizzy Hair


Careful about Chemicals in Hair Products

When you are choosing your hair products, do scan the label to see if it contains any chemicals even the common household ones. Especially make sure the hair care product formula doesn’t contain any sulphates or is heavy with alcohol as it can cause heavy damage to your hair. Also make sure you do not use a lot of styling tools as it induces fizziness.


Hydrate your Hair

According to experts at the best hair salon in Jaipur, it is very important that you add moisture to your hair on a regular basis. For this try using a conditioner or a hydrating hair mask which can help you regulate the frizzy hair.


Turn down the heat

If you are using a straightener or blow-dryer regularly, then it’s time to reduce it. Heat can cause excessive damage to your hair. Under any circumstances do not put heat directly to the hair strands. You can use diffusers as well as heat protectant spray in order to minimize the damage. Also, avoid towel-drying your hair as it can create problems with the hair cuticle and make it frizzy.


Brush Properly

Make sure you brush your hair properly. If you see your hair is frizzy and dry, try to detangle it with wet hands. Then use a large round brush to smooth your hair thereby causing the least damage.


Drink a lot of Water

Drinking a good amount of water is really beneficial for your health. So make sure you drink the recommended amount of water to keep your body and hair hydrated.

Summing Up


Well after all the discussion now you should now that your hair tends to be frizzy because it becomes dry and tries to get moisture from the air. You can try out the above-mentioned steps in order to keep your hair moist and soft. However apart from these tips do make sure that you avoid any kind of chemical therapy on your hair as such therapies have a tendency to induce fizziness.


However, you can try out products from the store but make sure you scan the label properly. Style N Scissors being the best salon in Jaipur suggest that you follow these tips. So that you make your hair soft as well as healthy thereby getting out of the cycle of dry and frizzy hair.

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