The season of Romance and Love is here! And we all want to celebrate the season of love and sharing affection, whether it is with our partners or even with our friends,  Whoever is your Valentines this year, these are some thoughtful ideas for quick last-minute hair styling to rock this February 14 and save you from long hour hair tutorial videos.


Be Smitten With Hair Accessories


If You are in no time to style your Hair On V-Day then do not worry, Comb your mane and just decorate. And by decorating, we mean accessorize!  pearl berets are perfect for this time of year and versatile enough to go with any lovely outfit. It gives out the vibes of cool and chic but adorable. Many designs are also available in the market—cookies, bobby pins with pearls, tortoise design with gold-tone that go nicely with the casual as well as bold attires, velvet, or satin. Think of a bold statement attire with equally voluminous hair accessories or a scrunchie, the appeal of whimsical hair adornments is astounding, isn’t it?


Chunky, padded headbands, bows, and scrunchies are also perfect for this event and can be worn to the movies or after-hours drinks. Why leave rhinestone-studded hair accessories for little girls, strong independent women are wearing them too, and still looking badass yet wonderful!


The Affair With Curls


We all curly hair girls know the love-hate relationship with our ringlets each day because they would not settle as we’d like them to, and don’t even talk about the humid climate the struggle is real, ask Monica from Friends, she knows! So wouldn’t it be convenient to choose a hairstyle for curls that would be simple yet show out our waves?


Hair Stylists say that curly hair keeping in its natural texture would bring out the captives with your face more! So on VDay do not reach out for a straightener, instead create a loose messy French braid to hide those ends, or you can try this  quick twist hairstyle (it does not include shells!):


-Comb Your locks and part them from the middle.


-Take a section of them from one side, twist it tightly and secure it at the back with bobby pins.


-Do the same thing with the identical section of hair from the other side and twist it tightly as well.


-Using band or scrunchie, tie both the sections together to form a twisted half ponytail. You might also need to use colorful pins or bows to keep the twists intact.


-Intertwine the twists slowly and carefully.


-Finish with some colorful Hair ribbons you like and voila! You’re ready.


The Connection With Braids


Braids have been worn by women for thousands of years, they’re simple, they’re delicate they’re timeless yet remain versatile and fashionable across every event!  Be it the Afro style, the Fishtail boho, The Tribals, The Cornrows, The french, or the messy Dutchess braids, they are a perfect fit for every occasion and will also be a thriving fit for this season Valentines’.


The classic ones to complicated patterns the braiding techniques are quick and easy to follow techniques that will give the hair a standout look from the head. Traditionally, Braids were done and used as a way of expression of an individual’s heritage and status. Today, they are all about showing off your style and being in comfort. There are no limits on doing braids – they can be as intricate, and whimsical as you want, so get creative and don up a quick braid.


Hair Half Up, But Love Fully Up


The Poofy Adorable Ponies is a classic yet the quickest for last-minute hairstyles

Try This Style out For a Volmnious Pony:


-First Blow dry your hair with a round brush, focus on the roots for extra lift, keep doing it for several minutes.


-Divide hair into three sections: two front sections on either side of your face and one from the bottom.


-Pull the bottom of hair into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic band or scrunchie.


-Then start with the right side section of hair, pull the hair up, and then wrap around gently the elastic of the ponytail finally securing it with a bobby pin.


-Repeat the same process from the left side, crossing over the secured ponytail and then tightening underneath.


– Now Wrap the loose hair around the elastic band and pin it into the center of the ponytail to hide the pins and the elastic band.


-Loosely curl your ponytail and tease up the hair to add volume and create a messy voluminous look.


Wrapping Up


Valentines Day Is Here! And Beauty and affection lie in the eyes of the beholder, so whether you are celebrating this year with your partners, your family, or your gal pals or just watching Netflix alone, there’s no reason to not love yourself and your hair once in a while, make sure your Hair gets that extra love and care by walking into the Best Hair Salon In Jaipur which is Style ‘N’ Scissors, giving you the best services across hairstyles and the best party makeovers for every occasion.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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