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If you have spent your entire life dealing with unruly hair and fizziness, there is a good possibility that you have done some exploration on keratin hair treatments that claim to make your hair smooth and shining. Or perhaps you have observed your best friend undergo a total hair makeover as a result of obtaining a keratin hair treatment, and as a result, you are now interested in getting one for yourself. No matter the reason, a keratin hair treatment is unquestionably the greatest way to manage and de-frizz extremely dry and highly porous hair. This is because keratin is a protein that coats the hair shaft and prevents moisture loss. In order for it to be effective, this treatment must be applied to clean, dry hair. Before you make the leap go for this hours-long operation, let’s remove all of your questions and tell you everything that you need to know about this hair-smoothing therapy. 

What is Keratin hair treatment? 

Keratin, a protein, is the primary structural component of hair, nails, and the outermost layer of your skin.  Keratin is what gives hair its strength and shine, but the protein is less abundant in curly and wavy hair, which leads to dullness and frizz due to the lack of elasticity. A keratin hair treatment is a chemical process in which experts in a salon cover individual hair strands with the protein in order to make those hair strands straight and lustrous. Keratin treatments can take many forms, but at their core, they all entail infusing keratin into the porous parts of the hair follicle in order to strengthen the hair and make it seem nicer.

Surprisingly, keratin lacks the ability to tame frizz; rather, the formaldehyde contained in the solution is responsible for achieving that result. The chemical achieves its desired effect of leaving hair straight by binding groups of keratins into a linear fashion. After the product has been administered to the hair, the blow dryer and flat iron are used to style the hair while taking precautions to avoid irritating the scalp.

What is the process like? 

Before beginning the treatment, the hair is washed multiple times to remove any oils and product build-up that may be present. After shampooing the hair, the keratin hair treatment is administered from the scalp to the ends of the hair as the hair is combed through. After that, the hairstylist will continue to blow dry the hair till it has lost between seventy-five and eighty percent of its moisture, and then they will proceed to style the hair. Then, following a few rounds with a flat iron, the hair becomes neater and softer for a period of time that can last up to three months.

Does a keratin hair treatment work for everyone?

It is essential to keep in mind that not everyone will respond the same way to this form of treatment. Check once more whether a keratin treatment would be appropriate for your hair before you go to the salon and spend money on it. Even if your best buddy thought it was perfect for them, that doesn’t mean you have to feel the same way about it. A keratin hair treatment is recommended for optimal results on hair that has a curly or ruffled texture, as stated by the majority of professional hairstylists. On the other hand, those with fine hair and hair that is only somewhat straight should steer clear of the procedure entirely. Both the thermal treatment and the dense proteins have the potential to drag down delicate, thin hair instead of rejuvenate it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are keratin treatments safe? 

Although keratin is a naturally occurring protein, the production of these items involves the addition of a number of other components, one of which is a chemical known as formaldehyde. According to the American Cancer Society, formaldehyde is a harmful substance. It has the potential to either cause cancer or assist the growth of cancer.

2. How long does a keratin treatment last? 

Keratin treatments are considered semi-permanent because the effects of the therapy begin to fade after a few months have passed. Your hair will not revert to its normal state, and the appearance of new hair afterwards may not be to your liking.

3. Which is better smoothing or keratin? 

Your hair will be silky smooth, gleaming, and frizz-free after either of these treatments. The smoothing treatment continues to work for an extended period of time, around three months, while the keratin treatment, which is performed using formaldehyde, continues to work for almost five months. Keratin treatment makes fixes from the inside out to your hair.

4. Which hair treatment is best for hair?

Over the course of the past few years, keratin treatments have seen steadily rising levels of popularity, and for good reason. They are among the methods for straightening hair that are considered to be among the safest.

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