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Grooming our kids falls under one of the most quintessential roles in maintaining their hygiene. Providing them with a bath, providing proper moisture and hydration to their skin and a lot of other steps comprise the kid’s grooming regime.

Kids are like water; where ever you pour them, they will take the shape. Whatever they will see, they will inherit and learn. Hence teaching them basic hygiene and etiquettes will help them grow into a better individual. Not only that but to make them look put together, you can also take them to professional groomers to get them a cute kids hair style.

In Style ‘N’ Scissors, we provide kids trendy hair cuts to toddlers to give them a clean yet cute look. Our hairdressers are extremely efficient and take special care of kids while giving them kids trendy hair cuts; they use sterilized tools and all sorts of mild ingredients to conduct the whole grooming session of giving them a cute kids hairstyle. We know how careful we need to be with toddlers and hence you do not need to worry about them getting injured while getting a kid’s trendy hair cut.

If you are a mother, you must be wondering how you will take care of your child’s hygiene.

Now let’s focus onto how you can easily and efficiently groom your kid.

  • Cut their nails when required- bacterial growth inside the nails are one of the most common issues every kid will have, hence cutting their nails when they grow bigger is a better option. Also, sometimes kids scratch themselves while they are asleep, so cutting or trimming their nails is a better precaution.
  • Shampoo their hair twice a week- shampooing will ensure that your kid’s hair is free from any bacteria or infections as well. You can use a baby shampoo or a medicated one as well. Before taking your kid for a haircut always make sure you have shampooed his or her hair this step will ensure the hair remains tangle-free and easy to cut as well to create cute kids hair style.
  • Wash hands and feet after coming home from the outside- Teach your kids to wash their hands and feet after they come home from outside. If they went outside to play, always make them wash their hands and feet, especially before they eat something. Make hem use a mild hand wash which will not dry up their soft skin and equally keep the hands clean. After coming from outside they bring a lot of germs, to keep your home clean and also to keep your kids safe you should always make them wash their feet before they step onto the bed.
  • Make brushing teeth a habit- to have strong teeth and gums make your child take care of them regularly by brushing. Teach them how to brush their teeth on their own from a very young age. Teeth related issues are probably one of the most painful things they will experience in life, so to decrease that pain to some extent makes then regularly brush their teeth.
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