Everybody wants to have flawless skin, but very few of us are actually capable of investing that time into achieving our dream skin. But in these lockdown days, we can easily do that by following some simple and useful steps. Clean, nourished and radiant skin is everyone’s desire, but in order to get that you two things are needed one is the care, and the other is professionals skin services from Style N Scissors, the top salon in Jaipur. But due to the lockdown, it is impossible to get any skin servicing done.


So the skin experts of Style N Scissors luxury salon in Jaipur will provide you with some useful steps which you can do at home and achieve a clean, radiant skin easily.


● Sometimes due to the building up of dead skin cells, our glow diminishes. Hence exfoliation is really important to get rid of those dead skin cells. Use a mild exfoliant and scrub your face twice a week.


● Toning is an essential part of achieving flawless glowing skin. It is undoubtedly an important part of our skincare routine. You can use fermented rice water cubes as a toner. Or you can use rose water as well. Rice water is an amazing ingredient to provide a youthful glow to your skin. You cannot directly apply rice water hence making ice cubes are necessary. Take some rice mix with some water and let it soak overnight. Next day strains the water and makes your cubes. You can also add rose water into it.


● Always moisturize your skin. No matter where you go or stay indoors, always apply moisturizer after you wash your skin. Use products infused with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and vitamin E to get a nice youthful glow.


The experts of Style N Scissors luxury salon in Jaipur pieces of advice on how to use these skincare products over a month and you can see visible changes in your skin.

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