how to take care of your hair in changing weather

Have you observed excessive hair fall or hair thinning? It may be due to the changing weather conditions. During weather or season changes, various environmental factors combine to have an ill effect on the hair health. It may include excessive heat, humidity, etc. 

During such transitional phases, it becomes necessary to take extra care through hair services in Jaipur or elsewhere. Listed further are some of the tips that you should consider during changing weather conditions to ensure your hair stays healthy. 

Opt for a proper hair conditioning 

A major problem that damages the hair necessarily includes hair dryness which leads to frizzy hair, leading to hair loss. To avoid such conditions, many hair care products are available that could moisturize the hair. 

A hair conditioner revitalizes the hair by nourishing them with essential oils. It would ensure you find the boost of moisture in your hair. You can also visit the best salon in Jaipur for a proper hair conditioner recommendation. 

Avoid overexposure to Heat 

To avoid dry, frizzy and weak hair, it is important that your hair does not feel too high heat or vice versa for an extended amount of time. A large amount of heat could cause dry hair which results in hair fall. 

Avoid heat treatment frequently. Also, applying hair serum like argan oil before a heat treatment can help prevent heat damage to hair. Many luxury salons in Jaipur provide these services for hair health. 

Use a Mild Hair Wash Shampoo 

Although hair washing is an important part of daily routine, it is important to keep a check on the kind of shampoo used. Before purchasing a shampoo, check the ingredients. Harsh chemicals such as SLS can damage the hair and dry it out your hair. 

Always choose an SLS-free shampoo as it will wash the hair without removing the moisture and essential oils from your scalp. 

Apply oil regularly to hair 

An important aspect to remember for hair care is to nourish them with oil. Even if you visit the best hair salon in Jaipur, it becomes necessary to boost oil circulation. It is possible by applying hair oil regularly which also helps strengthen the hair. A hair oil massage would help increase the circulation of blood to the hair roots, improvising hair health considerably. 

Treat the Hair with Care

As mentioned before, hair care requires a mild shampoo to avoid damage to hair. Additionally, it is also important to avoid being too harsh when shampooing your hair. Many people go too rough on hair while creating foam or lather while shampooing which causes hair breakage. 

Also, another important thing to note is never to tie your hair tightly when wet. It could lead to excessive hair breakage. 

Trim the hair locks regularly 

Many people avoid visiting beauty salons in Jaipur or elsewhere due to hectic schedules or simply ignorance. However, it is recommended to get your hair locks trimmed at regular intervals. 

A change in the weather conditions could boost the spread of this damage. The reason for this is that after a certain time period, the tail-ends of your hair locks could result in split ends due to dryness. Trim off these split ends to avoid the spread of the damage further. 

Protect the Hair from UV damage 

As the summer season approaches. It is important to safeguard your hair against the harmful UV rays of the Sun. Excessive sunrays could cause dryness and lead to frizzy hair. However, to prevent it, it is advised to wear a scarf or hat. You may also use an umbrella to protect your hair against direct exposure to Ultraviolet radiation. It would help prevent hair damage. 


Hair loss is a critical issue that could lead to distress for many. There could be several reasons for hair damage, among which a change in weather conditions is one. Weather change results in a change in humidity, heat, friction, etc which impact hair health greatly. 

To prevent this, taking care of your hair to protect them from the ill effects of these factors is necessary. Several hair care products are also available in the market that could help in improving hair health. 

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