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First things first: you cannot stop the fading of chemical hair color. One of those depressing realities of life. However, you can halt the procedure and preserve your color appearing finer, more vivid, and more original for a considerable amount of time. Continue reading to learn the easy measures we use to shield our hair color from the severe realities of life, like UV radiation and blow cleaners. The main lesson? Be kind. 

We all know how faded hair color looks and what it feels like to have it after you’ve just observed a good salon appointment and got the costly session done. You would want to maintain the shade and freshness of the new look for months to come. And that’s why we are here to add to your routine some useful and amazing tips that you can consider to prevent your hair from Fading earlier. Let’s begin!

Take Lukewarm or Cold Shower 

Yes, hearing this is quite difficult. We all enjoy taking steaming hot showers. However, cold water is considerably kinder to colored hair than hot water. Actually, hot water can cause the hair cuticle to reopen, enabling color to escape. However, your color is preserved when you use cold water. 

Use a Filter 

Installing a filter on your shower faucet can reduce the amount of iron, lime, and even trace levels of chlorine that are often exposed to your hair, which are far too aggressive for synthetic hair color to be exposed to. Most likely, your hair will also feel softer.

Take Showers Less Often

This requires very little work. The less frequently you wash your hair, the lesser chances of faded hair color. You must refrain from rinsing your hair day after day unless it becomes extremely oily. If you can skip showering for several or even four days, do it. Keep in mind that dried shampoo is a wonderful idea that we should all use more of.

Avoid Hot Equipment

It is best to expose your weak hair to as little heat as possible. But we are aware of how challenging quitting hot tools abruptly may be. Take tiny steps alternatively. Make a weekly commitment to air-drying your hair. Keep the thermal settings on your straightening iron and blow dryer as minimal as possible. And before curling, constantly, always use a thermal protectant.

Use Special Styling Products 

Such products don’t dry you out or are very harsh. Conventional preparations have alcohol, ammonia, or oxidants mentioned as one of the key ingredients; these substances can be particularly damaging to locks that have been colored and can be a major cause for your faded hair color. Your hair color begs for restorative, not drying, elements.

Hair Masking 

Although using the right conditioning shampoo and conditioning in your hair care regimen is a huge step, it is not sufficient to prevent color fade. Equip your bath with a few hair masks to upgrade your hair care regimen to reflect the high care requirements of your hair color.

Try Deep Conditioning

This is consistently the best advice for maintaining healthy hair, and applying color is no different. By replenishing hydration and proteins, deep conditioning will mitigate the harm caused by the coloring procedure to your hair. Regular deep conditioning keeps the color from fading and leaving hair healthier, finer, and easier to manage.

Stay Away from Chlorine

It is strongly advised to avoid using chlorine on colored hair. Particularly the blonde ones. Your dreadlocks might turn green if you go swimming unprotected! Apply a conditioner or oil to your hair prior to prevent compound absorption. Use tomato juice on your hair as a classic old treatment if you do end up with a green tint; the red can aid stabilize the greens.

Shampoo Less Often

Less occasional shampooing is advised to keep your hair from deteriorating its brilliant color. Your hair will stay moisturized and nourished if you wash it less regularly, which will prolong the life of your color. You can shower three times a week, or twice. To keep the hair appearing clean on your off days, use color-safe shampoo and conditioner as suggested earlier.

Bottom Line

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