how to prevent hairfall and hair damage

Considering the aesthetic elements in a person, the hairstyle comes at the top of the priority list for several individuals. Hair Styling is an equally important part for either gender, irrespective of age group. It allows you to create a whole new look that conveys a strong impression of your personality. 

However, if not maintained correctly, many factors could contribute to causing hair damage leading to hair fall. One of the reasons for hair loss can be the disruption in the hair growth cycle. 

There can be many possible causes of disruption in the hair growth cycle. Many hair salons in Jaipur provide various hair solutions for people with disrupted hair growth. Discussing the several reasons for hair damage, a few seem to be common in many cases such as:

Side effects due to some medications

There are many times when people suffer heavy hair loss when they are on medications for some illness. Some of the medicines contain substances that lead to the weakening of hair roots and cause damage and hair loss.

Severe health conditions

Health conditions like thyroid can lead to severe hair loss. In the body, the thyroid gland produces hormones T3 and T4. However, when these hormones are not produced properly, hair roots become weak, resulting in hair loss. 

Anxiety or stress

Emotional stress affects the hair leading to hair loss but it can be controlled easily by meditation and therapies.


Smoking is a major cause of hair loss. It causes the shrinking of blood vessels and the blockage of blood circulation to hair roots. As a result, it leads to hair weakening. 

It is important to figure out the solutions; many of the best hair salons in Jaipur provide clinically approved hair treatments. Listed below are some ways to prevent hair fall and damage which several beauty salons in Jaipur would recommend for improving hair health.  

Make sure you choose the right hairstyle.

Hairstyling such as heat treatment, blow drying, etc can make your hair exposed to quite harsh conditions like stretched and dry hair, tightly pulled ponytails, etc. When hair is stretched, it is more likely to weaken and eventually break down. It is advisable to keep your hair loose on your scalp when creating a hairstyle for a long time.

Limit the use of hair-heating tools

Using heating tools on your hair very frequently can weaken your hair follicles. Also, the heat tends to dehydrate the hair, resulting in the loss of essential oils of the hair. This can lead to damage to hair roots. 

Avoid bleach and chemicals

In today’s world, hair dyeing is one of the most common trends. However, the bleaches and chemicals in these chemically synthesized dyes could damage your hair if exposed frequently. The chemicals split the keratin molecules in your hair, thereby weakening them.

Prefer essential oils

Many studies have proven that essential oils like pumpkin seed oil, rosemary oil, etc help in increasing hair growth. Opt for these oils to prevent your hair from damage, thus improving hair health. 

Strict routine for hair washes

To have healthy hair, a healthy scalp is a must. To get a healthy scalp, make sure to follow these tips. 

  • Do not miss washing your hair thrice a week. 
  • Always prefer mild shampoos to protect the hair from getting excessively dry.
  • Avoid Overexposure to an excessively hot or humid environment. 

Follow a Healthy Diet

To ensure proper hair care, it is important to maintain a healthy diet that includes high proteins. You can add eggs, peas, and nuts to your diet to eliminate hair problems permanently. 


Hair care is an important part of the routine for every individual. A well-styled hair can instil confidence in people regarding their looks. Considering the lifestyle of today, hair damage and hair loss have become quite common. However, proper care would ensure you do not face any hair fall. Many luxury salons in Jaipur provide solutions and recommendations to prevent hair loss. Proper haircare involves washing your hair regularly, being gentle with hair care, following a proper diet and more. Keep a check on your hair nourishment and ensure timely trimming of damaged hair and split ends to prevent hair fall conditions. 

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