Bad acne

Getting ready for the party – dressed up beautifully – looking gorgeous, but alas! You noticed small pimples all over your face, peeping out of your cheeks to affect their charm. You are experiencing the same every time you look at the mirror to admire yourselves. Did you give it a thought, what are those irritating red, pus-bearing bumps on your face? Bad acne – this is what we call them collectively. Style ‘N’ Scissors offers you luxury facial treatments for acne-free skin.

What is adult acne?

You may be thinking acne disease is a part of teenage and bids goodbye with it? But it is not so. Adult acne is entirely different and problematic than the one which you develop at your teenage. Our skin consists of pores that contain oil glands. When these oil glands are blocked, it makes room for bacteria and cells to build-up. These impurities together form a plug and raise the red bumps on your skin (particularly face). Don’t worry: your acne problem is no more effective with our facial treatments at Style ‘N’ Scissors.

Facial treatment for acne skin

After being ill-treated by your acne, you are trying to heal your skin. But wait, you aren’t thinking about home-made natural ingredients, right? If you are, then don’t. Your busy lifestyle and skin type may not comply with these natural remedies. For long-lasting results and a perfect cure for your acne, luxury facial, cleanup, and peel and acne treatment at Style ‘N’ Scissors are the best ones.

Choosing a facial treatment that suits your skin type is essential. Acne can be quickly healed by a gentle and smooth facial massage that relaxes your skin. Opting for regular facial routines can help you to clear your blackheads and open up the blocked pores on your face along with treating acne skin. You are actually contributing to your acne medications with peel and acne treatment at Style ‘N’ Scissors.

What to expect from facial treatment?

Facial treatment at Style ‘N’ Scissors starts with a cleanup. All your makeup and impurities will get wiped off your face before beginning the acne treatment. The cleansing is performed intensely to remove every trace of dirt and oil from your face.

A series of acne facials, along with acne treatment provides you excellent results. The therapists at Style ‘N’ Scissors, Skiniti, are skilled and trained for every skin type. Our luxury facial treatment, followed by the cleanup process, gives your skin a glowing texture. Don’t be afraid of getting back those pimples after the treatment. Our peel and acne treatment are specially designed for restricting the growth of red bumps in the future.

Visit Skiniti for all your skincare needs. We have an expert team of cosmetic doctors, medical practitioners, and medical aestheticians to heal your body without applying any surgical methods. Bad acne is just an illustration of the skin problems we treat. Skiniti cures your skin and gives you a look you deserve on your special days. Get yourselves rejuvenated with skincare treatments at Style ‘N’ Scissors.

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