How To Choose A Makeup Artist For Your Next Big Event

At your event, you can always be confused about which makeup artist to hire for an appointment. Every makeup artist claims themselves best in their field but you need to choose the one with good hands. You should not be waiting until the last minute for a booking spot. Make sure to book at least two months before your big day.

It is such a tedious process to choose an ideal makeup artist and book them for yourself. The most important thing is you need to make a list of requirements. It will help you to prioritize the best salon in Jaipur. If you go by someone’s recommendation and saw their work it would be better to choose. While selecting a makeup artist in Jaipur for your next Big event you need to go into details.

Social Media Is Just A Cover

Digitalisation has affected the makeup industry as well. While it makes it easier to search in discover new makeup artists on Instagram it can also misguide you. Most pictures that you see in their feed are more likely filtered or edited. The edited pictures are not exactly showing their skills. You should always make sure to ask for non-edited pictures especially the ones that are not on their Instagram feed. This will help you to properly judge whether the artist is skilled and up to your needs. You can also ask for a different type of makeup look pictures for extended view.

Meeting Is Important

Some makeup artist offer trials, if possible you can do a test run before choosing them. Some artists do not offer in-person meetings or trials before confirming the booking. It is important to get a complete test and try out every basic and other product for safety purposes. The meeting with your makeup artist is important because it will help you to get inside what they will work on. You can even get some advice from them for hair colour skin care eyebrow shape etc. Professional makeup artist in Jaipur always helps their client with recommendations.

Transparent About Your Look

When you decided to hire a professional makeup artist you have a certain image of your look in your mind. Whether you want to get a royal look, a Mughal look, natural beauty or some regional look. It is up to your expectation with the look. You should share your expectation with your makeup artist even if it is something not clear. Your insight should match what your makeup artist is willing to create. You don’t need fake promises like we will take care of everything instead the communication between you and your artist needs transparency.

Inform Them Of All Your Skin Concerns

Every person’s skin is different and now the pollution in climatic conditions is making skills more sensitive. If you have any allergies to some brands or certain products make sure to share them with your makeup artist. If you have any other skin concerns consult with your makeup artist and get a trial before the actual event is taking place. By doing so your skin will be protected from any harmful after-effects of makeup. Most professional makeup artists usually ask all these things at the time of appointment for structuring your look for your special day.

Timings And Other Logistics Should Be Clear

If you book a professional makeup salon you will see that they are extremely busy and take their appointment around 2 months ago. You should properly confirm your appointment in all the logistics like the timing of the event. You should book your appointment in a way that you could be free at least one or two hours before the event start. This will give you buffer time in case of any urgencies occur. In case you need them to come near the venue, book a separate room and make an appointment likewise.


Choosing a makeup artist is time taking difficult task. You can spot makeup artists everywhere in the town but to choose the best you need to satisfy all these points in them. If you are confident about them only then you should hire them. It will sure you that nothing will go wrong with your look at your big event

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