How can you make short hair look more feminine

Mostly girls are obsessed with the length of their hair as it is considered more feminine in appearance. With longer strands, you can try out different hairstyles like curls, straightening, perming, and many more. It is one such reason why people trend the girl salon memes on social media. As all goes for a haircut but comes out with only one inch of hair cutting. But what about the short hairstyles? There are no types of boundaries when it comes to different hairstyles. Being a woman you can pick any kind of hairstyle.

However, sometimes the short hair looks more like that of a guy. You need to get them fixed with some professional help like our best hair salon in Jaipur. The professional hairdressers at the luxury salon in Jaipur use different techniques and products to add a more girly side to short hair. So let us learn how to style your short hair to add more of a feminine touch.

Haircuts – The most important thing to reflect your facial beauty is to get the right haircut according to the shape of your face. For example, long faces look great with volume hairstyles while oval faces suit the pixies. To enhance the haircut beautifully you will have to invest in good quality products and at least ten minutes of hair styling. Normally people believe that the blow dryer damages the hair but if it is properly used with the right care – it works best to create awesome styles. 

Shades trick – To add more vibrancy to your hairstyle you can opt for colored highlights. Like the bold blonde and the shades of red to add more feminine vibes. The best part is even if they grow up you can easily chop them off so there is no risk of hair damage.

Accessorize – Your chosen jewelry can also add style and glamour to your short hair. You can try out the statement necklace or silver earrings to catch all the eyeballs of your beautiful face. Even a pretty hairpin or a sparkling hairband can instantly lift the overall appeal. The multicolored wrap-up scarf looks interesting and sexy when you have got a pixie haircut.

Makeover – Of course, makeup can light up any mood with an absolute feminine feel. You can easily sharpen your facial features through cosmetics which will make you appear more beautiful. You can try out shimmery eye shadow or mascara along with a pink tint lip gloss to look like a lovely lady. Add some of the translucent face powder with a little blend of foundation to get an even skin tone. Also, use a dot of your favorite blush to get that cheeky glow.

Self Confidence – Nothing can be better for a woman than the accessory of unwavering self-confidence. It doesn’t matter what length you keep for your hairdo but if you feel confident then it is your most feminine look. Girls with bold personalities often don’t hesitate to experiment with their hairstyles.  

These are some of the best hacks that one can try to enhance the short hair look into highly feminine appeal. You can blend all these styling tips to get your favorite appearance to stand out boldly in the crowd. 


1. Is short hair feminine? 

The length of hair doesn’t decide femininity however society has termed shorter hair best for boys. However with some experimental styles, one can make shorter hairs look even more stylish and feminine. 

2. How can I make my pixie cut feel feminine? 

No doubt a pixie haircut saves a lot of time for your hairdresser but it may appear a little masculine. So you can alter the style by trying outside swept flick or changing the placements of hair on the forehead. Like messing them diagonally on either side. 

3. How do I look classy with short hair?

You can look great with short hair just try out the best styling that goes with your face cut. You can either do that by yourself or get a hairdresser from a reputed brand like our beauty salon in Jaipur. For DIY – You can try out slicking your hair back or reinventing different fashions through hair wax or gel. 

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