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Makeup has been our saviour in terms of hiding our flaws temporarily. We all have some defects which we absolutely dislike on or faces, makeup here plays an important role in helping us hide that defect effectively and highlight the better aspects of our face as well.

Highlighting is an important part of our makeup regime because it helps in elevating the face, bring back the glow, and also literally highlights the higher points on our face.

The higher points including the top of our cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and the tip of the nose, the chin and some areas of our forehead.

The best makeup artist in Jaipur uses a highlighter basically for capturing the light on the prominent parts of our face which provides a beautiful glow to our face as well.

The best makeup artist in Jaipur recommends two types of highlighters:

  • Liquid highlighter

This is for the people who are looking for a blinding glow on their face. Liquid highlighters are intense and are good for people with dry skin. Oily skin people should stay away from using liquid highlighters because it will make their face appear more oily and greasy as well. They can apply liquid highlighters in tiny amounts only.

  • Powder highlighter

This is more of a subtle option for the people who are looking for a glow from within look on their face and nothing very intense. Powder highlighters can be easily intensified by building it up. Also, it is an amazing option for oily skin people since it will provide the glow as well as will not feel greasy.

The best makeup artist in Jaipur from Style n Scissors recommends using powder highlighters mostly with a fan brush because it helps in spreading the product easily. Also, if you are looking for a subtle glow, then the fan brush is the best option. Liquid highlighters, on the other hand, will not require any such tool to apply it. One can simply blend it with their fingers easily.

How to apply highlighter?

Take a fan brush or any brush that suits your purpose. Dip it in your powder highlighter pan. Tap off the excess and apply the product on your cheekbones. Use the rest of the product on your forehead. Nest uses your finger to apply a little bit of highlight on the tip of your nose.

Highlighting is an important part of makeup, and nobody wants to mess it up, hence take help from the best salon in Jaipur Style N Scissors and get a flawless makeup done.

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