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Hair is an integral part of our outer appearance, and it influences our overall look to a huge extent as well. No matter how to put together, our look is with an outstanding outfit and flawless makeup if our hair styling is not on point, the look will never fall into place. It will never give a look a completion in terms of perfection. Having a destination wedding in Jaipur and looking for the latest hair colour trends? Do not worry. We got it covered.

Taking care of our hair is a must no matter at what age we belong. And this is a must especially for the ones who have got their hair coloured. The best salon in Jaipur always recommends getting special care and treatment for the hair, which is bleached or coloured.

Colouring hair is not a big deal until it is done for weddings. The bride and groom face the biggest amount of struggle deciding what colour they should choose for their wedding day in order to complement their whole look. A lot of effort is put behind choosing the outfit and deciding the makeup look by the best makeup artist in Jaipur that will compliment it, but if the hairstyling and colour do not match the other aspects of the wedding look, it will be sheer wastage of effort.

On the wedding day brides as well as grooms need to look the best and should be photo-ready for every moment to be captured. While visiting the best salon in Jaipur, a lot of options will be presented in front of regarding hair colouring.

A hair colour which a bride or a groom will choose from the best salon in Jaipur should always compliment their looks and do not break the monotony in their appearance. There are some trends which are seen in the hair colour selection of brides and grooms lately, let’s focus on them.

Funky coloured highlights.

Gone are those days when hair colouring for wedding days were only the basic colours and nothing that is loud. Brides especially are choosing funky coloured highlights to compliment their wedding outfits lately. If you plan to create a look absolutely different from any other bride, then you can always go for the loud coloured highlights in your hair. Choosing this option is always quite beneficial because the entire hair is not going to be coloured, only a fact small sections are taken and bleached, and ultimately the colour of your choice will be applied. Hence there is no fear of having dry hair and damaged condition after you colour your hair.

The best salon in Jaipur offers you a variety of colours like red, golden, silver, orange, blue, green, purple, and a lot more.

While choosing this trend, make sure you do not go overboard and choose a colour that is absolutely opposite the colour of your outfit. The contrast created in colours of your outfit and hair will make a mess. Hence either choose a colour that compliments your skin tone or at least your outfit. This option can also be chosen by grooms if they want to experiment with their look.


This is a comparatively new trend and is undoubtedly a beautiful way to transform your hair as well. Balayage is for the brides who are not up for doing something out of the box and not sure about what to experiment with. If you are planning to keep your hair open on your wedding day, then balayage is an amazing option.

Doing a balayage is quite tricky hence taking help from the best salon in Jaipur is the best option. Balayage is a technique where different tones of the natural hair colour are used in order to make a beautiful mixture of ombre effect as well as highlights in the hair. This hair colour trend is a safe thing to opt for because it undoubtedly looks beautiful and also compliments any look that you want to go for. This is not a good option for grooms because balayage is prominently visible only in only long hair.

Ombre effect.

This is a lot more like balayage, but the colour selection is different from balayage. Ombre effect only happened when there is continuity made in the different colours applied on the hair. This is again a beautiful option to play with if you want to make your hair beautiful and also do not want to apply anything that is bright on your face kind of.

The ombre effect requires specialist hairdressers; hence opting services from one of the best salons in Jaipur is always advisable. Style n Scissors is an amazing place where you get top-notch quality services. Ombre effect makes the hair especially amazing in pictures.

Single colour.

This is the most common option to opt for. Colouring your entire hair with a single hue is going to elevate your look and also make you stand out. You can always opt for a hair colour that compliments your outfit.

Wine is one of the most common shades one can opt for their hair. Honey brown is also another amazing option. The best salon in Jaipur will provide you with plenty of options in terms of hair colouring. Grooms can always opt for this option because they can never go wrong with this option.

If the bridal attire is of purple hue, one can opt for a colour which has purple undertones that will complement the overall look of the bride.

Like hair colour, the makeup also plays a quintessential role in making a bride and groom look flawless. Choosing the best makeup artist in Jaipur is really important because you never want to mess up with your look.

Style N Scissors is your one-stop destination for getting all your beauty regime done by the best makeup artist in Jaipur. The beauticians and makeup artists of Style N Scissors are extremely skilled and experienced hence hiring them to get a makeover will never disappoint you in any way.

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