Due to the onset of a pandemic caused by the coronavirus, everything is going through a staggering phase. Normal lifestyle practices are stopped, and we have been spending the past three months indoors solely. Hygiene and cleanliness have been one of the main criteria to be followed into battle with the coronavirus other than self-isolating.


But things are coming back on track. We have decided to open our doors to our customers. We believe our workers needed monetary support to earn their livelihood, and their only source was Style N Scissors best parlor in Jaipur. Hence we have started serving our clients again by maintaining some strict protocols to keep things in control and also our environment safe to work for.


We have made multiple changes in our working protocols to create a safe environment for our workers to work and serve our clients as well. Compromising with hygiene and safety is no option; hence we have made a detailed list of rules so that people looking forward to getting beauty services done can come without any fear.


Rules to be followed by workers.


● Workers will be wearing masks all the time while working. They will be entering the salon while wearing a mask only. While serving clients, also, they have to wear masks mandatorily.


● While serving clients, workers will be wearing PPE Suits to minimize and physical contact between the clients and them.


● Wearing a face shield is a must while serving clients.


● Regularly and hourly sanitization of hands is a must. Before starting any service, the worker will have to sanitize their hands using soap and water.


● Workers will be working in shifts, as per the number of appointments booked for the day the number of workers will be serving.


● Workers will be working while wearing gloves.


Rules to be followed by clients:


● Clients will have to fix appointments before visiting the salon. Without an appointment, no client will be allowed to enter the salon. This is done to avoid and to gather and facilitate social distancing.

● Without masks, clients will not be allowed to enter.

● Temperature checking will be done, and if the body temperature is not within normal parameters, clients will not be allowed to enter.

● Clients should have online payment facilities to pay after getting a service done. We are not accepting money in cash to nullify the possibilities of physical contact.

Other than that, we are thoroughly sanitizing the premises of our salon with disinfectants and keeping every corner squeaky clean for clients to come and have a fruitful time. No one needs to worry about hygiene since Style N Scissor, the best salon in Jaipur, is maintaining it at the utmost level. Contact us now to fix your appointment with our skilled workers and enjoy a delightful time at Style N Scissors best parlor in Jaipur.

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