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On a plush Indian wedding day, why should only brides draw all the attention! The groom has to look equally stunning as he stands next to his shimmering bride. If you are planning a wedding anytime soon then, you've come to the right place. So boys you can start grooming for the big day and ladies it’s time to introduce your man to some grooming to match your stunning look!

At Style N Scissors, we promise the best groom makeup. We understand that most men don’t want to be seen around with a layer of makeup on their faces. Yes, the makeup shouldn't be as notable, yet give you that much-needed shine on your big day. That’s exactly what we work at – giving you a subtle, non-flashy yet perfect look.

Our groom makeover involves highlighting the best features like sharp nose and so on. We do a perfect concealing job of the pimples, blemishes and other skin flaws, as we use a concealer that is closest possible to your skin tone. At Style N Scissors, we use certified and popular groom makeup products from reputed international brands, which won’t cause any adverse side effect.

Well, for men, the grooming doesn’t end with makeup only. Once your wedding date is set, together we can chart out a schedule and you can look at our special package for grooms. From body polishing and skin corrections to hair styling and more, all are taken care of. We have professionals grooming experts for men.

You can also expect some smart advices about how to stay healthy and in-shape just before wedding. A groom makeup package can be customized, depending upon your weaknesses like sensitive areas on face, pimples and so on. At Style N Scissors, we work on presenting the groom with a dashing and confident look!

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