Groom Makeup and Hairstyling Services

You are the man of this beautiful and the most important day of your life. Hence, we at Style N Scissors being the best salon in Jaipur want your look should be according to it. With our groom makeup and hairstyling services, you can choose a variety of options that is desirable to you.

Why is Hairstyling and Makeup important for a Groom?

Quite underrated but Groom Makeup is a very significant part for Indian weddings today. In most cases we see women dressing in their beautiful outfits with professional makeup whereas in case of the Groom it is not such an important part. However, with changing times, it has become equally important for men to take care of their looks and shine bright.

Groom makeup not just consists of face cream and balm but is also about proper hairstyling, spas, facials and many more. In this post we have arranged some tips which you can follow for a proper makeup and hairstyle if you are a would-be groom.

Top 5 Professional Makeup and Hairstyling Tips

Following are some points that are very essential for a proper Groom Makeup

Moisturize your skin

It is important that you properly moisturise your skin before applying makeup. You can either use a homemade pack made out of milk and curd or purchase a moisturiser, however, do make sure that you use a light moisturiser and one which contains fewer chemicals.


Make sure you take 2-3 hair spa before the actual wedding day so that your hair is not dry or frizzy. On the wedding day, your makeup artist will generally style your hair with a hair gel, leaving some parts thereby making it naturally flowing.

Also, you can trim your haircut about 6 months before your wedding day and keep the style consistent so that you get a well-trimmed look before your big day. Brush it, trim it or floss it, make sure it’s the best.

Skin Tone Match

Make sure to wear a foundation that manages your skin tone and type. If you have oily skin make sure you use a water-based foundation. Also, use a primer and concealer so as to give an overall glow to your face for your big day.

Stubble or Clean Shaved

This is completely a matter of choice if you want to have stubble or a clean shaved look for your big day. If you are looking to put out a full beard, make sure you go to the best hair salon in Jaipur thereby getting your beard trimmed properly. Beard plays an important element in the overall look so make sure its in a proper shape before your big day.

Manicure and Pedicure

Nowadays manicure and pedicure have become quite common for grooms. So do visit the best hair salon in Jaipur that offers various manicures and pedicures done so as to give your hand and feet a really well-groomed look.

Summing Up

Well, we hope that by hiring a professional beautician or cosmologist you can get proper makeup and hairstyling services. However, these tips are a must have for every groom. It is your big day and you need to look special on the day.

Apart from your hair and makeup we would also suggest you to have a proper nutritious diet avoiding the junk and hit the gym if you can. These will make sure that your physique looks good and you feel good about it. Style N Scissors have the best groom makeup and hairstyling services in Jaipur, so don’t forget to check out our salon in Jaipur.

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