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People think that in these days of self-isolation when we have to stay indoors, it becomes challenging to get our weekly beauty treatments done. But that is not the actual scene. You can pretty much do everything by yourself at home be it doing a facial or a hair spa or even grooming your eyebrows.


Yes, grooming your eyebrows can be done by yourself as well. The experts of Style N Scissors the best salon in Jaipur says all you need is some patience and concentration and you can easily groom your brows at home. Even though the beauty experts of Style N Scissors, the best salon in Jaipur, use professional skills and tools to groom your brows you do not need them.


All you need is a razor (an eyebrow shaver), a pair of tweezers, eyebrow wax strips, eyebrow pencil and some aloe vera gel.


● You can either use the shaver or wax strips to groom them.


● Outline your brows with an eyebrow pencil. Outline them how you want it to look but do not overdraw your brows because that hampers the whole purpose.


● Start shaving the hairs following the outline you have drawn. Do not shave big portions. Start doing in small batches. If the hair is too long, you can cut it with a small scissor as well.


● Don’t shave intensely at the beginning of your brows; make the end a bit sleek if you want to. Shave the middle portion between both your brows if you don’t want to make a unibrow.


● Wipe your brows with a wet tissue and apply some aloe vera gel.


You can do the same to shave your face and get rid of peach fuss as well. Connect with Style N Scissors the best salon in Jaipur website to know more about self-grooming during a lockdown.

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