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Foundation is actually the base on which your entire makeup is set. It comes in a variety of textures, colours as well as consistency. Style N Scissors being one of the best beauty parlour in Jaipur, has put together some of the best foundation makeup hacks that you can use to create a gorgeous look for yourself.

What is the use of foundation in makeup?

As highlighted earlier, the foundation is the base on which the entire makeup is built.  The foundation helps to give the makeup a really speckless look and adds a different shine to the skin.

However, women are often confused about the right way for applying foundation. Hence we are going to talk about ten foundation makeup hacks that you definitely should know about

Choosing a Proper Foundation Makeup for your Skin

To choose the best foundation makeup, you must first determine your skin type. Foundations come in a variety of forms, including gel, cream, powder, and liquid, and are tailored for different skin makeup

You must choose the appropriate foundation for your skin type. If you have dry skin, use a moisturising cream foundation; if you have oily skin, powder foundation, and if you have regular skin, any foundation will do, although the liquid foundation is the best.

Testing Shades of Foundation

To pick a foundation shade that matches your natural skin tone for your foundation makeup, try three different hues. Instead of testing these foundations on the back of your hand, test them on your jawline. Choose one that perfectly matches your natural skin tone.

Choosing the Proper Tools to Apply Foundation

After you’ve chosen the ideal foundation, you’ll need to select the appropriate equipment to apply it. To achieve the correct coverage, use a rounded brush to apply the foundation evenly over your face and a  blender sponge to blend it in evenly.

Try 2 Different Shades of Foundation

Using two distinct tones of foundation on your face is one of the finest ways to get the effect. This will work nicely because the light exposure causes two different intensities of shades to touch your face. As a result, the darker shade should be used on the most exposed parts of your face, such as the forehead and jawline, and the lighter shade on the remainder of your face, such as the cheeks and nose bridge.

Use Facial Oil

Facial oil is one of the best items for rejuvenating your skin, and when combined with foundation, it gives you a light, dewy finish. After adding a few drops of face oil to your standard foundation, you will wind up using less product while still getting the right finish.

Start Applying Foundation from the Middle of your Face

Always begin by applying foundation to the T-zone, which includes the centre of your forehead, nose, and chin. After that, apply it to your cheeks. With a gentle stroke, try to apply it outwards on your face. Always start in the middle because there will be a lot of redness in this area, and it will require a lot of coverage.

Apply using Downward Strokes

For a smooth finish, always swipe downwards. When applying foundation to your face with a brush, avoid making strokes upward because this draws attention to the facial hair. Instead, for a smooth finish, use downward strokes.

Blend the Foundation with your Fingers

Try to use your fingers to blend the foundation on your skin if you’re not satisfied with the coverage after applying it with your brush. You may extend the life of your foundation by thoroughly blending it into your skin and removing any product build-up.

Use Foundation with Seasons

You’ll need different foundations for different skin types, and you’ll need to mix it up depending on the weather. In the winter, choose a cream foundation to keep your skin from feeling dry, and in the summer, choose a powder foundation to remove the shine from sweat.

Apply Foundation and Check-in Natural Light

After you have applied your foundation, try to check your makeup in the natural light setting. This helps you to understand whether your makeup appears too bright for daylight.

Summing Up

These are some of the foundation makeup hacks that you can try in order to create a gorgeous look for yourself. Also it is recommended that you consult a stylist from the best beauty parlour in Jaipur so that you are assured that the style for your foundation makeup is correct.

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