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Model & Fashion Makeup In Jaipur


Are you an actress or a singer planning to update your portfolio, or a model wanting to flaunt your gorgeous look moving down the catwalk? Maybe you are a housewife or college girl who desires to look stunning for the upcoming wedding or functions, imitating your favorite actress whom you have adored always? Whichever category you belong to, Style N Scissors would love to hear from you!

We have transformed the fashion landscape in Jaipur by introducing really artistic, glitzy and glamorous model makeup ideas which were never heard or seen before. Under competent guidance of the very dynamic and creative Ritu Deswal, our talented professionals do the makeup of models who visit us for catwalks, fashion shows and full body clothing shots.

Known to offer the best and most affordable fashion model makeup in Jaipur, Style N Scissors have been able to create a dedicated clientele who not only include models and artists but women from different strata of the society. Our professional makeup artists have one skill i.e. ability to adapt a new look quickly. They not only keep themselves updated about latest model makeup trends but are well aware of the best runway and couture trends too.

When it comes to model & fashion makeup in Jaipur Style N Scissors have carved out a niche by adapting a flexible and customer-centric approach. We work closely with models and other clients. Our skilful artists apply the makeup such a way to complement the client’s attire and jewelries and not overshadow these. We have enjoyed working with some big names in the fashion and movie industries in Jaipur and are looking forward to many more challenging projects.

If you are looking for a very modern kind of glamorous and glowing look then let Style N Scissors in Jaipur help you achieve the desired effect

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