Expert Tips from a Professional Makeup Artist in Jaipur

The trends of makeup looks have emerged recently from the many social events such as MET Gala, Oscar award nights and more. In the present era, events and social gatherings have become a platform to flaunt your knowledge of party looks. You can use a number of makeup elements with distinct hues, shades, textures and colours for a statement-making chic look. Balancing the makeup with your attire is also an important aspect. 

The right knowledge of professional makeup will give you the oomph factor and hence the confidence to go ahead with it. Many more such tips that professional party makeup artists in Jaipur provide can help you for getting event-ready. Discussed below is the guide to owning that perfect party makeup look. 

1. Get your skin ready-set

Before you apply makeup, your skin needs to get ready for ensuring an even layover of the makeup. Moisturize the skin well with a lotion to protect it against dryness and rough edges. Also, for any marks or dark circles, concealer is the way to go. A well-hydrated skin will ensure your base makeup gets a uniform and smooth texture. 

2. Start with a Primer and Foundation

The first step of your makeup is to apply primer and followed by a foundation that goes well with your skin tone. Dab the foundation with a brush or sponge for an even spread. Go from the centre towards the outer area and cover your neck and ears too. Applying these well will give your makeup the natural glowing look you need. 

3. Conceal the Troubling areas 

Once you’re set with the foundation, the next step is to cover off any areas of dark circles or blemishes. A small brush or dab that can conceal the area should be used without overdoing it. Use gentle and soft strokes to ensure that it stays in place. 

4. Set the brows right 

When you feel that you have done justice to the concealer, it is time to focus on your brows. For this, take a pencil and fill in any sparse areas of growth or uneven edges. Go from the inner corner towards the outer areas. You can use a brown stencil for the same. 

5. Choose the appropriate eyeshadow and eyeliner 

The colour and type of your eyeshadow and liner largely depend on the type of look you wish to get. A neutral shade or a light colour, if you’re going for a monochrome look, is quite popular. For liners, a twirl edge at the end of the wing on the upper side can give the bold look you deserve. 

Smudging the liner can also give you the smokey look you wish for. Also, it is important to understand the kind of colour you wish to flaunt, for instance, whether you want a cool or hot shade. Usually, green and navy are great for bluish eyes whereas bronze, gold, or copper work well for brown eyes. 

6. Apply Blush and Mascara 

If you’re a fan, mascara can be the highlight of your makeup look that can be used in proportion based on the look you wish for. If you’re looking to give it a bold and graphic look, apply it on the lashes in a notable amount, while for a more simplistic look, you might want a single coat of the mascara. Finally, go for a blush based on your look, skin tone and your makeup shade. A little touch will go a long way. 


Once you reach the blush stage, you’re all set with your makeup. The last step is to get your makeup setting spray and apply it for safety. It ensures that there is no smudging or creases and it will also help the makeup stay longer. 

Now your facial look is all set for your event. To add on to this amazing setup, wear a perfume that will vibe with the event. This makeup look will give you the confidence and pretty look you wish to wear to your next event. Also, having a knowledge of the makeup elements allows you to experiment with your looks with distinct shades and hues. It will allow you to discover which makeup look suits you the most.

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