If some engaged couples are planning to spend their special day together lavishly and can afford it, then Jaipur is the first place that comes to mind. The price range is from 10 to 90 Lakh for a destination wedding in Jaipur. There also needs to be equal attention to bridal makeup that can involve family members too.

In the quest for salon, one, close to their marriage spot, embarks easily that can rightfully boast about the same lofty quality of experience in the pink city. Luxury salon in Jaipur is a concept, older than a decade and it even caters to your peculiar problems by testing your skin and hair. It then advises you to follow a customised beauty routine, according to your time and need. Needless to say, healthy skin glows better even with makeup.

The shimmer is a can’t-miss trick for weddings that can dazzle the eyes of the beholder but overdoing it is a big NO and we recommend you to consult experts to do the job. Best bridal makeup in Jaipur has to be long-lasting and sweat resistant/waterproof. It falls under a warm climate so products must be chosen wisely that suit your skin’s needs. Everyone should show the dress and jewellery they are wearing to the makeup artist to get most out of their creative expertise to enhance the look.

Destination wedding makeup in Jaipur is made easy by companies like ‘Style n Scissors’ who has eleven branches over the city.

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