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With so many various nail shapes as options, it might be difficult to find the correct one for you. Changing up your form may change the entire tone of the manicure, from simple oval to dominant stiletto. Going to the nail salon or doing a DIY manicure is always a joy. 

Today’s nail shape selection process is significantly more complicated. There are several different nail shapes to pick from as a result of celebrity and influencer nail trends. What nail shape complements this season’s rosé-themed manicure style the best? What about tortoiseshell nail polish? Then there’s the issue of determining which nail form is most suited to your original nail and finger shape. Shaped, manicured nails are the current fashion statement for millennials and Generation Z.

From simple classic to trendy executive, here are seven of the most popular and well-known styles.

Natural nails

Natural nail forms are short and conform to the contour of your nail bed. This means that natural forms might be close to circular shapes depending on the curvature of your fingertips. This nail form is short and clipped to seem clean and maintained.

Round nails are great for people who like to keep their nails shorter and easier to shape and maintain. A round-shaped nail can be obtained in two ways.

1) After completing the steps for creating a square-shaped nail, follow the curve of your finger and file your nails curved inwards instead of filing the corners of your nails upwards.

2) Begin by cutting your nails in a rounder shape and filing in one with a nail file.


The tips of these nails are square. This is most likely among the most common nail shapes. Because you will not need much of a tip to accomplish this look, it’s ideal for shorter nails.

For a long time, square-shaped nails have been very popular. You can get them by first cutting your nails straight across with clippers to the length you want. File straight across in one direction with a nail file until the top is completely straight. File the corners of your nails upwards to even out the sides and remove sharp corners when the top is straight.


Oval nail forms are somewhat longer than round nail shapes and have curved edges. This nail form gives your fingers a more proportional and somewhat extended appearance. Oval nails also make your hands appear longer, so this is a wonderful option if you want to slim the appearance of your fingers. It can be achieved by rounding the tips of your nails with a nail file while keeping the sides straighter. 


Almond-shaped nails provide a sophisticated look that is ideal for traditional manicures. This form elongates and slims your hands by being narrow and finishing with a rounded tip. Almond-shaped tips, like oval nails, offer your hands an extended and thin appearance. It is suitable for medium to long nails. Creating an almond nail shape can be difficult, but it can be done by filing upwards after creating an oval nail and then filing more of a rounded pointy nail tip. 


Squoval nails are a blend between square and oval nails. It merges the fashionable shape of oval nails with the curved edges of square forms but soothes the look. This form, often known as the soft square, is extremely simple to maintain and flatters everyone. The squoval nail is created by first creating a square-shaped nail and then softening the edges into a more oval shape. 


Ballerina nails are similar to square nails, except they are longer and narrower. This is a less obvious variation of the stiletto nail form that uses the same shaping procedure. These are the current popular style for nail art designs. They are also known as coffin shaped nails. It is long and narrowed towards the tip, with a flat tip.


Stiletto nails are among the most eye-catching of all nail shapes. They have pointy points like stiletto heels and are quite lengthy. Make a statement with beautiful nail art designs like these. This nail form may cause the nails to fall off easily, therefore use acrylic or gel nails instead. Stiletto nails can be done at home if you have naturally long nails, but most people prefer to have them done at a salon. To create this nail shape, all you need is a nail file to help you soften out the edges by filing in an upwards direction.

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